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What Are Some Things That Will Lead to Hot Tub Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs

The ideal way to relax and enjoy some quiet moments is by soaking in a hot tub, especially after a long day. The pressure and tension can instead be magnified when the spa is running inefficiently, especially if the problem is not readily resolved. 

Without adequate care and maintenance, proper cleaning, sufficient testing, and chemical application, the system can’t function optimally, resulting in a breakdown or malfunction. 

As a hot tub owner, if you feel uncomfortable with testing the water and adding chemicals or hot tub maintenance is more than you can handle with an already overloaded schedule, it’s essential to reach out to a professional service for maintaining the unit. 

These experts can also perform the annual preventive servicing to ensure the equipment functions efficiently for an extended lifespan. Let’s look at a few things that can contribute to problems or breakdowns with the system.

Things You Should Avoid with a Hot Tub

Whether you perform your own hot tub care and maintenance or have a professional service, how you use the spa has the potential to contribute to issues regardless of how well it’s cared for. 

The efficiency and lifespan will improve when you, as the owner, have research to understand what you can and can’t do with the equipment. Let’s look at a few examples of things you should avoid to prevent the possibility of damaging the hot tub.

·        Keep the power on when the tub is full

This is true any time of the year, but you want to ensure you do this in the winter especially. Freezing water will do extensive damage, likely requiring expensive repairs. 

Even in the spring and summer, keeping the spa temp steady is recommended to maintain efficiency instead of having it cool and heat back up repeatedly. Learn about hot tub maintenance at https://thecreatedhome.com/repair-restore-hot-tub/.

·        No diving

Some people might confuse a hot tub with a swimming pool, but these are two very distinct structures. A hot tub is not something you should dive bomb into, slink underneath the water, or jump around and horseplay in. The potential for serious injury is high with this behavior.

The flooring could be slick, leaving the possibility for there to be the slightest slip and someone fracturing a limb, bumping their head, and on. Aside from accidents and injuries, the water will be splashing out of the tub, plus there’s the risk of damage to the system.

In that same vein, don’t go in when there’s a storm with lightning. That should sort of be self-explanatory.

·        Temperature restrictions

New hot tubs are restricted to a 104-degree temp setting with no ability to go higher. This has been designated by those of authority, including the Global Safety Commission, as the highest safe temperature. Anything above this would be dangerous. 

If you have an older model that goes above this setting, it’s wise to avoid raising it higher. You want to avoid scalding yourself or receiving burns for not following the recommended guidelines. Visit here to learn if you should leave the jets on.

·        No beauty products in the water

Many people want to treat their hot tub almost like a bath by adding beauty products, including bubbles, essential oils, or bath bombs. These sorts of products, when added to a hot tub, can create extensive damage. 

In fact, it’s suggested that people who use the tub should actually shower before getting in the water to wash products and bacteria off the body and hair to prevent them from getting in the water. Also, bathing suits should be rinsed to ensure all laundry soap has been removed before they go into the water.

The spa is not intended to clean dirt off your body; don’t use it to clean up before heading into the house. The water isn’t drained routinely, and this sort of grime can be excessive for the filters. 

·        Not using a cover

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An uncovered hot tub is exposed to the elements, pests, wildlife, and birds, leaving the water contaminated despite the chemicals. 

Without the cover, the heater needs to work twice as hard to try to maintain the temperature for an extended period. Also, if small children are in the home, the tub is a danger to their safety.

Final Thought

A priority is to know the proper use of your hot tub so you can enjoy it for an extended lifespan. That could mean researching before you try something you’re unsure about, like using beauty products in the water; don’t do that. The things mentioned here will lead to early deterioration.

A goal is to perform adequate care and upkeep, keep a cover over the tub when not in use, test the water, and add chemicals as needed. Anyone with minimal time for sufficient maintenance should contact a professional to handle the servicing. 

This way, you can sit back and enjoy a soak in a functional, efficient tub after a long day.