What are some prominent reasons for hairlessness?

What are some prominent reasons for hairlessness?

A variety of factors from a bad immune system to illness can cause hair loss inside the body, these factors affect the whole personality of the person. As we all know that hair fall has been one of the most common yet alarming problems amongst people in their thirties. May it be a man or a woman, losing some strands of hair is pretty natural but when the hairline starts receding then it is a time to worry. Without a doubt, there are different treatments related to the Best Hair Transplant in London to treat the hairlessness problem, but, have you ever thought about what the reasons behind significant hair fall are? And why are these treatments so popular nowadays and why people are aimlessly looking forward to having these treatments?

Check out some of the most prominent reasons for hair loss patches:

Unhealthy Lifestyle: With increasing competition and stress in life, people are leading an unbalanced lifestyle which directly affects their food habits, sleeping patterns, & physical as well as mental health. One of the major reasons behind hair fall is an unhealthy lifestyle in which people eat more junk food rather than following a proper nutritious diet, worry more, do not take proper sleep, and are indulged in alcohol and smoking.


Pollution: As you know, the world is already in its Technological era where people are coming across high-end technology every now and then. However, with increasing development, pollution is also on the rise and it is becoming difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle in a polluted environment. Air and water pollution are two main factors behind hair fall which not only affects the hair volume but also can lead to baldness if not treated on time. If you feel that you are losing hair then consult the best Hair Transplant Specialist in London.

Aging:  This is yet another vital factor behind hair fall and receding hairline. When you tend to age, your body shows different signs of increasing age like the weakening of the bones and eyesight, sagging of the skin, and thinning of the hair. The process starts from the late thirties and can cause partial or complete baldness due to massive hair fall. 


External Factors:  Sometimes due to various external factors like injuries, accidents, and skin diseases, a person tends to lose a significant amount of hair. Some diseases like cancer can also affect the health and growth of your hair and can lead to hair loss or sometimes baldness. Also, keep a check on your alcohol consumption and smoking; they adversely affect hair health and lead to massive hair loss. 


There are many other factors that may lead to hair fall, but these are some of the most common and majorly contributed factors. If you are also suffering from hair fall and want a permanent yet non-surgical solution then a PRP Hair transplant is the best. In case, you are already bald, then hair transplantation is one of the most effective and permanent solutions. Connect with Fortes Clinic to solve all your hair loss problems. 

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