What advantages will AI add to education?

What advantages will AI add to education?

Artificial Intelligence has witnessed lightning-fast growth. Its use cases have proliferated into the lives of common people. In fact, companies are now looking for individuals who have AI certification, or they are training their employees on AI. The primary reason for this is that there is an expansive growth in the use of AI. Whether you talk about voice assistants on Google and iPhone or you, see the website showcasing products you would like. AI is bringing all these changes, its impact is also changing the mode of education. While the world is speculating about online education, the latter seems to be the only way out to make knowledge reach even in the remotest corners. In this blog, we will focus on how AI is going to influence the education sector and make it better.

Problems in the conventional medium of education:

Education is the building stone of an individual’s life. Despite a lot of development in this field, many people believe that the conventional education model doesn’t fit today’s needs. People nowadays want to have education curricula and modules that match the individual needs of the student. Every student is different from the other, and they have different strengths and weaknesses. AI is now extending its help in making the education sector mores, thus becoming far more beneficial than the conventional system. It promises to not only improve the learning experience, but it also provides the best learning and performance of students and teachers. 

How is AI going to help the student?

  1.  Get an education at any time– AI removes the barrier of time; you can now learn at any time you want. AI-based applications are providing an opportunity for the students to study as per their availability. Moreover, these apps are real-time applications that provide the right assistance and help to the students as and when they require. Besides, many applications structure the learning module as per the strength and weaknesses of the students.
  2.  Individualistic approach– One of the key advantages of AI is that it provides education based on the individual learning pattern. If a student is weak in a particular subject or cannot pick up the concept, then these AI-based applications come as a rescue; the AI-enabled system is designed so that it provides the right learning methodology, which will help them learn in a better way. 
  3.  Virtual mentors– Often, the student may feel the need to have a mentor or guide who can help them learn in the right way and understand the concepts. AI-based platforms have virtual mentors who track the progress of students. Although this cannot replace a teacher’s role, nowadays, we are working towards having a blend of teacher and student.
  4.         Global Learning – Another advantage of AI is that we can now have a global learning approach. Many places are deprived of basic education because of a lack of teachers and proper infrastructure. But, with AI-enabled technology, we can now have a globally accessible education platform. In fact, certain tools enable real-time translation, thus ensuring that education reaches every corner. Thus education is no more bound to a region, and with the help of the internet and smartphones, it has become easier for students to get access to the best education.

How is AI going to help the teacher?

We have discussed above how artificial intelligence helps the students, but its role is not limited to students, but even teachers can find it helpful. We will now be exploring how artificial intelligence is helping the teachers.

  1. Find the weakness– Amongst the many advantages that AI brings to the table for students, the teachers also find it helpful in assessing the weakness. One example here is the Coursera platform, which notifies the teacher because many students chose the wrong answer.
  2. Better engagement– Another advantage that AI brings with it is that it allows better engagement. Technologies VR and gamification are helping the students to have a more interactive session.
  3.  Personalization– Preparing the right curriculum is a tough task. Mostly the teachers prepare a generic curriculum, but with the help of AI, we can have a more established system that can help the teachers provide you with the details of the students’ individual requirement and prepare a customized curriculum. 

Concluding thoughts – Individualistic learning, quick feedback, and performance enhancement- are key factors that make artificial intelligence have a huge impact on the education sector. AI has paved the way for a new set of opportunities for those who wish to make a big mark in technology. You can join an artificial intelligence training program or certification course to enhance your prospects of growth.

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