Wedding Dresses In India

Wedding  Dresses In India

Traditional Indian wedding dresses have been praised as gorgeous and the most colorful in the whole globe. Nowadays a good number of brides opt to go with different colors for their wedding dresses as opposed to the traditional red color. The Indian wedding dresses are largely different from those of the Western Style. The Indian brides must look amazing and dazzling on her wedding day and for a reason the dresses are made to be a complicated colorful design and feature different styles of embroidery.

The color red is generally associated with good luck in India. It is for a reason that many brides and grooms prefer to have their wedding dresses in this color. The wedding dresses are made of fabric including satin, silk or even chiffon.

Many people in India prefer their trending traditional and cultural attire. Not even trends can shake this preference. Many wedding dresses are therefore made of this fabric and the result is a colorful and dazzling outfit. Wedding dresses go along with other accessories that help in the beautification of the bride and the groom. These include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and even beautiful hairstyles and decorations. They all function to make the bride and the groom look glorious on their wedding day.

Types of Indian Bridal Dress

Indian bridal dress take a lot of consideration into such aspects as culture and religious diversity from around the Indian subcontinent. These dresses vary from region to region and their specific embroidery are taken into consideration. there are a number of types of Indian bridal dresses. They include but are not limited to the following.

  • Sari

This refers to a length of Cloth that the Indians wrap around their body in a complicated and fashionable pattern. The Cloth is usually lengthy to the extent that after wrapping around the body a part of it remains. This part is not wrapped and is called the pallu.

  • Ghagra Choli

This Indian bridal dress is made of a long skirt and an accompanying blouse. The blouse is usually shorter in this case. It also includes a length of Cloth that forms the scarf, which is called the dupatta. The scarf is worn across the chest.

Types of Indian Groom Dress.

Among others, Indian groom dress include the following.

  • Pathani Coat.

This dress is among the best options there is for all gives your attire a touch of elegance and finesse on your wedding day. Every groom should try it on.

  • Tuxedo

This dress is the favorite for many wedding speaks of class and comfort in an effortless mingle. Tuxedos can be tailor-made to hug your physique creating a classic look for your wedding day. They embed more of an official status quo during your wedding.

  • Kurta Salwar

This is a traditional Indian outfit that provides comfort and can be worn with a variety of traditional footwear to make the groom elegant on the wedding day.

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