Want Your Kids To Eat Healthy; Here Is How!

Want Your Kids To Eat Healthy; Here Is How!

All mothers love their kids but the thought of making them have a well-balanced diet can be quite a challenging task. Kids love junk food and recipe repetitions are a big no-no for them. They thrive on looks and taste rather than on the benefits which most of us, mothers tend to concentrate on. So how about coming up with certain recipes which are interesting, appetizing, creative and alluring!

Let us take salads for example. While we know how important it is for kids to have salads, getting them to have it requires mothers to put in a bit of extra effort like:

  • Finding out what vegetables your kids like; let them choose any three ingredients of their choice like croutons, cheese etc., while you choose a couple more,
  • Follow the thumb rule in vegetable selection; the younger the kid, the lesser the number of vegetables chosen,
  • Make them participate in the process of salad making by making them wash the vegetables, letting them arrange it in whichever way they like etc; the best would be to make a salad bar wherein you cut all the ingredients in different interesting shapes and put it on the bar letting the kids choose and make their salad and
  • Opting for simple and easy salad dressings which are tasty yet not too overloaded with spices.

Some interesting salad recipes to try

We all know how important it is for kids to take their required intake of green vegetables. This is especially true for broccoli which is a great source of vitamins like C and K, folic acid, potassium and fibers. Coming up with interesting broccoli recipes for kids and adding them into green salads helps enhance the taste and also impart a beautiful colour to the salad.

  • Wedge salad: This is an interesting salad recipe to try. With cheese, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, chicken slices boiled and lightly sautéed, this salad will win your kid’s heart. Be innovative with the dressing and you become the best mummy in the whole world.
  • 7-layer salad: The name itself makes the kid conjure up a lot of different opportunities. This recipe is simple and your kid can easily assemble it from the salad bar. It is also a great way to introduce ingredients of your choice like peas, sprouts etc.
  • Simple vegetable salads: These help you focus on one vegetable and serve it up in interesting salad combinations like:
    • Carrot salad wherein carrots and raisins can be combined with mayonnaise to make for a sweet, slightly tangy salad,
    • Broccoli salad which can be jazzed up by the addition of cheese, raisins, almonds and even chicken or boiled eggs,
    • Cabbage salad served like coleslaw using sweet vinaigrette and combining shredded cabbage with carrots, celery, parsley etc.
  • Pasta salads: All kids love pasta. All you have to do is add a few vegetables and convert it into comfort food. Some combinations you should try are:
    • Italian pasta salad by adding in marinated black olives, red pepper, zucchini etc and making it as colourful as possible,
    • Greek pasta salad which is a fusion of the simple salad dressing and ingredients of the traditional Greek salad with bow-tied pasta to make it sound and look interesting.
  • Fruit salads: Easy to make and loved by kids worldwide, you simply select some fruits and dice them, then serve them with a creamy topping.

Make it look interesting; add fruits and vegetables of different colours. Make it fun; make them discover the ingredients. Make it a family event; eat salad together with loads of friendly banter thrown in. Kids hate eating alone and tend to be fussy when they are forced to do so. But with adults for company, they start to enjoy the experience.

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