Viral Bronchiolitis Therapeutics – Pipeline Analysis

Viral Bronchiolitis Therapeutics – Pipeline Analysis

Viral bronchiolitis is an inflammatory disorder which is characterized by obstruction of small airways, necrosis and edema of the epithelial cells, and increased mucus production.

The disease is most commonly caused by an infection caused by respiratory syncytial virus. The signs and symptoms observed in the patients are low grade fever, congestion, and apnea. However, in most severe cases, respiratory distress, cyanosis, and irritability also occurs in the patients. Viral bronchiolitis is the most common illness observed in children in their first two years of life.

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Ait Therapeutics Inc. is in the process of developing AIT-RSV as a guanylate cyclase stimulant for the treatment of viral bronchiolitis. Some of the other companies and universities having pipeline drugs for viral bronchiolitis include Washington University School of Medicine, and Vaxart Inc.

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