Vietnam Cambodia Tours: Top Attractions worth Visiting

Vietnam Cambodia Tours: Top Attractions worth Visiting

Travel and tourism help us get a break from our daily monotonous life schedule. It provides us not just with the knowledge about new places, culture but also infuses new energy within us to kick-start the same routine with greater zeal. You must leave your hometown and venture out to explore the unknown land whenever you get the scope. This time come to Vietnam and Cambodia. Our thoughtfully planned and designed Vietnam Cambodia Tours itinerary will allow you to explore these exotic places to the fullest extent possible. Soak in all that these significant Asian tourist places can offer to quench the thirst of travelers.


Vietnam is the easternmost country situated on the Southeast Asian Indochinese Peninsula. It is highly popular with the tourists for its sandy beaches, hot-n-happening cities, and remarkable Buddhist pagodas. Tourists and travelers from all over the world come here to witness the hidden treasure and charm of this beautiful Southeast Asian country. Solo travelers, female tourists, and backpackers do not hesitate much to throng this place as Vietnam is considered an extremely safe nation to travel in. It happens to be one of the most populous countries globally, and its economy is expanding at a rapid rate each year.

The Major Vietnamese Tourist Attractions

Though the tour itinerary cannot include all the places we would be enlisting here, you will get a brief idea of what to look for when you visit the country. A few spots of tourist interest that deserve our attention need special mention.

Ha Long Bay

Regardless of which specific Vietnam Cambodia tours packages you opt for, you cannot miss Ha Long Bay from the tour itinerary. It is a major tourist attraction here, famous worldwide. Dotted with clusters of towering limestone islets, the aqua-green water with captivating surroundings is a treat to the eye. It is in North Vietnam, 130 km off east of Hanoi. The bay shelters over 2,000 islands wrapped in a green blanket (rainforest). The region is famous for rock climbing and hiking, scuba diving, swimming, especially in hilly Cát Bà National Park.


It is a vibrant capital city of Vietnam, popular for nightlife, clubbing, shopping, etc. Old Quarter, an open-air museum, displays the most elegant equation of French and Asian architecture. Other major attractions include the Presidential Palace, Grand Opera House, and Saint Joseph Cathedral.

Sapa Valley

It is a picturesque Vietnamese destination blessed by Nature with the spectacular natural scenario. The gigantic mountains, rice terraces, remote traditional villages, lovely waterfalls, and diverse ranges of hill tribes staying here add an exotic touch to this place.

Hoi An

On the central coast of Vietnam is located a well-preserved primitive Vietnamese town named Hoi An. It was a former imperial capital featuring several beautiful temples and tombs. It also has a lovely beach and numerous shopping opportunities to stay busy with. The age-old Vietnamese architecture and traditional houses are worth checking out with a walking tour through the city lanes.

These are only a few. Mekon Delta, My Son, Hue, and Nha Trang are other significant Vietnamese attractions. Opt for such Vietnam Cambodia tours packages that will cover the maximum of these destinations.


It is also a Southeast Asian country blessed by Nature with several places of tourist interest.

Angkor Wat

It is a massive beautiful temple with exquisite architectural designs engraved all through. It is a symbol of Cambodia and is seen on the national flag. Visit the largest divine monument in the world here.

Silver Pagoda

It is within the Royal Palace complex in Phnom Penh and houses numerous jeweled and gold Buddha statues. Come and personally witness how fantastic the Emerald Buddha of Cambodia and a life-sized gold Maitreya Buddha featuring 9584 diamonds will look like.

Apart from these, Bokor Hill Station, Kratie, Koh Ker, Banteay Srei, Tonle Sap, etc. are a few other names that you should search for while checking tour itineraries set by any Vietnamese Cambodian tour agency.

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