Video Walls – Fascinating and Flexible Marketing Solutions

Video Walls – Fascinating and Flexible Marketing Solutions

Outdoor electronic marketing is gaining in importance. The growth of this industry underlines its effectiveness in taking your business promotion and reputation to the next level. With introduction of more groundbreaking technologies, unique and effective solutions are flooding like what we have never seen before, helping enterprises adopt place-specific and customer-centric presentation at much lower costs than historic promotional strategies.

Electronic advertising billboards are common sights across the metro cities. More innovative solutions with far-reaching impact now come in form of video walls UAE. Such solutions are case-sensitive, reality-related, customer-oriented and cost-excellent if compared to age-old marketing planning.

What are Video Walls?

A video wall involves a large number of LED displays networked together to cover a particular wall area. The LED systems chosen for the purpose have a high-definition color. However, it’s not the sole benefit offered by video walls. The cabled system on the walls delivers clear pictures or video presentation to the audiences.

Back to the basics, the diodes have a versatile backing in place. They can be folded or rolled up, making a clever use of storage space. Such cabled and coiled system is a common sight at the music festivals.

How to Fit Video Wall

An LED wall at a big conference or music concert takes up 2 men working for 4 hours to assemble. Video wall, with an out-of-the-box concept, will take just 60 minutes. Just imagine how much the video wall concept can cut corner on working hours, effort and your expenses. Unlike the historical video presentation involving multiple bulky television models assembled on the walls, it needs connecting a large display video wall to the top of the flexible video as well as fitting up several accessories to keep the structural setup in place.

How to Store a Display Wall

The massive effort to set up a standard TV wall and the big problem that crops up with storing large flat panel displays along with mountain frames are conspicuously and fortunately missing in the new-age concept of video wall presentation. A flexible wall reduces storage space and mows transportation costs by nearly 80% as the display wall can be easily folded or rolled up.

Leading video wall providers in UAE are in great demand. And why not? It’s a neat and nice way of presenting your marketing content in different places with minimized cost but optimized output. A large video wall is a great marketing tool that works in all weather conditions, except when it is snowing.

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