Have you heard the term “HCG Weight Loss”? if yes, then you will come across a new portion of this world today. If not, then welcome to the grand world of quick weight loss journey and join us today to be a better version of you with in the few days of your joining into to HCG Diet challenge.

Before you begin this journey known as HCG Weight Loss, there are a few important aspects that needs to be understood in order to know better what will be happening inside your body when you will be on HCG Diet.

HCG Weight Loss is carried out with the help of HCG Drops that are dropped under the tongue as per the recommended dosage. They are homeopathic drops that work by burning abnormal fat deposits without damaging your muscles. Due to this ideal mechanism that is lacking in any kind of weight loss process, your body stays at an optimal and balanced energy level without feeling weak or dizzy.

There are various phases of HCG Diet or simple HCG Weight Loss journey that are distributed in 4 steps. The actual HCG Diet plan initiates with a loading phase which is two days long. This phase is followed by a core phase which is 13 to 43 days lengthy. Transition phase comes the next which is followed by the last one; the maintenance phase which stays for 21 days.

1.LOADING PHASE: The HCG Diet plan begins with a loading phase. In this phase, the user start taking drops for day one and two while loading up his body with high-fat-foods. These high-fat-foods can be nuts, natural fats, and oils. It is highly suggested not to take any sugary foods during the HCG Weight Loss journey. Also, make sure you eat as much as you can till you get full during the first phase.

2.CORE PHASE: Right after phase one of HCG Diet plan, the core phase arrives on day three. This phase is all about regular regimenting of a low-calories diet; 500-calorie daily diet. This HCG Weight Loss phase is accompanied with a regular dosage of HCG Drops. Core phase lasts for 13 to 43 days approx. and depends upon the actual amount of weight loss you wished to have.

3.TRANSITION PHASE: This is the third phase of your HCG Diet plan that signals an end to the core phase. When you reach to this phase, stop taking HCG Drops and but not the 500-calorie daily plan. On the third phase of HCG Weight Loss, you need to continue the low-calorie diet plan in order to let your body regulate your HCG levels.

MAINTENANCE PHASE: Now, when your transition phase of HCG Diet plan ends, for the next 21 days after its ending, begin taking food types that are higher in calories. High-calorie food intake does not at all means to start taking refined sugars, junk food, deep fried items, artificial sweeteners, or anything that falls in the category of starchy foods. Keep monitoring your weight so that you can eat accordingly and maintain a healthy weight range achieved with the help of HCG Weight Loss plan.

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