Education · September 18, 2019

Various aspects of gel pens that make them unique writing instruments

Gel pens are basically ballpoint pens that make use of water-based pigmented gel. The usage of this gelas the writing medium instead of traditional ink is what has earned them their name. Gel pens are extensively used for making illustrations or writing. The unique thing about the gel pens is that they usually leave a much powerful and stronger mark on a writing surface when compared to the ink based pens that are typically used all over the world. Nowadays gel pens are preferred by students as well as professionals from a wide range of industries and sectors due to the distinct benefits that they have to offer.

The pigments which are mostly used to create gel pens are iron oxides and copper phthalocyanine. These pigments are combined with biopolymers such as traga canth gum and xanthan gum, water and certain types of polyacrylate thickeners. Since the gel component is much thicker than ink, it helps in producing its strong and distinct color. The pigments can help in creating a wide range of colors and shades, such as pastels, bright colors and also glittery, opalescent and metallic shades which can be used for writing and making sketches on darker surfaces.

One of the main reasons why many people simply love to work with gel pens is that they can help in creating bolder lines. They can also be used for making marks and lines on non-absorbent writing surfaces. However, it is important to note that gel pens require more time to dry up compared to other pens which means that they are also prone to give rise to smudges. Nevertheless, the gel pens can still give rise to finer writing lines than those that can be achieved with fountain pens. This has led to their immense popularity over the years.

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