Business · August 8, 2020

Using High Quality Coir Products in the Garden: What You Need to Know?

The thickest and most resistant of all commercial natural fibers, coir is a coarse, short fiber extracted from the outer shell of coconuts. It has a very low decomposition rate, which means the key advantage for using high-quality coir products as hydroponics growing medium. Coco coir is increasingly popular for several good reasons. There are a whole host of benefits to growing with coconut coir that you can and should take advantage of whether you are new to hydroponics.

Coco coir is a natural waste product of the coconut growing industry. It is perhaps the most versatile of all organic growing mediums. As an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss, coconut coir has a natural resistance to diseases and provides amazing water retention as well as aeration to plants.

Benefits of Using Coco Coir Products

Gardening with Coir Products: Advantages

Many hydroponic and soil growers these days prefer high-quality coir products for a variety of reasons, but you have to keep track of important details to maintain your grow. Some of the details, like how the medium is made, its general properties, and what coconut coir nutrients are needed to keep your crop healthy. Managing nutrients is especially essential in the time you work with coir products.

There is not a good, comprehensive guide or advantages details to coconut coir product out there…until now. In this article, you’ll get just about everything you need to know about the advantages of coco coir: what it is, its pros and which seller can give you the best coir products. The following advantages you can get when you use quality coir products.

  • It is 100 percent organic and renewable resource
  • It is uniform in composition, odorless
  • It has good drainage or good aeration
  • It has high water holding capacity and great for absorption
  • Coir products promote strong root growth
  • Cori products are affordable and high quality.

Everything in between the shell and the outer coating of the coconut seed is considered coco coir. There are two types of fibers that make up this coir — white and brown. White fiber comes from pre-ripe coconuts and are far more flexible, but less strong. Brown coir comes from mature, ripe coconut and is a lot stronger compared to white coir, but less flexible. Almost all of the coconut coir used for hydroponics is – brown coir, as it is processed even more after initial harvesting.

Putting It Altogether

Good transition from soil gardening – growing in highly quality coir products feel like growing in soil, because both look similar. You can have a hydroponic garden that will look almost the same as soil garden. The only difference is in lieu of watering with only water, you would water your coco coir garden with nutrient-enriched water. Coco coir is one of the most effective growing media for water retention out there. The best thing is – it can absorb up to 10x its weight in water, means the root of your plants will never get dehydrated. There is also a lot of growing media for roots to work by way of promoting healthy root development.

The most essential factors in high quality coco coir products are how it is harvested, how it is prepared and how it is processed. Though none of these factors are directly in your control, but you have to choose a supplier that follows all of the best practices for quality coco coir production. For best quality coco coir products, you can get in touch with RIOCOCO, one of the leading manufacturers of world-class coco coir products for cultivation solutions.