Unknown facts about jewelry packaged in custom jewelry boxes

Unknown facts about jewelry packaged in custom jewelry boxes

As one gets ready and selects jewelry from the various custom jewelry boxes in front, there are very few who are bothered about its history. Today we will tell you a few unknown facts about the jewelry items. So, the next time you are shopping for that breathtaking necklace that comes in dazzling custom jewelry packaging you are aware of its equally mesmerizing history as well. Diamond necklaces are a token of love. After all, diamonds have remained the best friends of women for centuries. Even resting alone in their custom jewelry boxes, they look astounding. But did you know that the very find diamond was mined in South Asia around the fourth century? In fact, till the early eighteenth century, the world thought that diamonds could only be found in India. Excited to touch that necklace resting in its customized jewelry packagingWait and read on. 

Later on, diamonds were discovered in Brazil. Did you know that Marco Polo and Jean Baptiste both have recorded the state of Andhra Pradesh as the region where diamonds were found? Now men and women have always adorned themselves. They have used natural dyes to themselves look attractive to each other. Sometimes when I hold the custom luxury jewelry boxes in my hands, I wonder why the modern man is hesitant of wearing jewelry. I wonder if the men who are shopping for their loved ones buying jewelry items packaged carefully in customize jewelry packaging boxes know that there are still primitive tribes where men wear metal and clay plates in their ear lobes and lips. Both men and women used jewelry to adorn themselves and to mark themselves different from other clans. Today, there are very few men who glance at the jewelry options available for them despite their impressive customize jewelry packaging. 

One of the most sought-after jewelry items is an engagement ring that comes in exclusive custom jewelry packaging boxes. But, did you know this tradition was started by Archduke of Austria and the Duchess of Burgundy in the year 1477? He proposed to her with a ring starting this very romantic tradition that the world cherishes to date. Not everyone can afford a diamond engagement ring. So the option in the gemstones is plenty. I was given a ruby ring on my engagement. It came in a pretty heart-shaped customize jewelry packaging that I still have with me. Although I never take off my engagement ring, if I ever do, I make sure to store it in its original custom jewelry packaging. But hold on! How many of us know that all rubies are FLAWED? A smooth flawless ruby is rarely found. A flawless ruby is priced much higher than diamonds. 

Women often look for gold and platinum necklaces in a minimal design approach to wear at their workplaces. These pretty necklaces are packaged in dainty custom boxes for jewelry. The gold jewelry items in the sub-continent and Arab countries are more pure standing at twenty-two carats, while those in America are crafted from fourteen-carat gold. So, if you are seeking customized jewelry items in the better gold quality you might consider buying from the Gold Bazar in Dubai. Jewelry items have been used in movies since their earliest days. They are used to glamorize a character. The most expensive necklace used in movies was worn by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. It includes one thousand three hundred and eight diamonds and is crafted from platinum. Usually, characters like Cleopatra, are shown wearing a lot of gold in movies because the Egyptians wore gold jewelry. 

Today the custom jewelry boxes for business companies manufacturing or marketing jewelry items are ordered from expert packaging companies. These companies are notified of the weight of the items and other details like dimensions. It helps in selecting the appropriate stocks and crafting product-specific custom boxes. 

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