Unexpected ways to streamline your business

Unexpected ways to streamline your business

Streamlining efficiency and improving productivity is the Holy Grail for most companies, however, it often feels as though cost-cutting tools and aids seem out of reach for many smaller companies.

In fact, quite the opposite is true and there are multiple ways you can improve your business productivity while also increasing efficiency. Try following these simple, time-saving tips to transform your – and your staff’s – output at work.

Work with freelancers

Outsourcing parts of your business to freelancers can be a great way to save both time and money. Not only do freelancers often work harder (they’re typically contracted at a fixed rate so time really is money) they can also bring an infectious enthusiasm to your projects.

Working with freelancers will also potentially bring additional skills to your company, allowing you to take on a greater range of projects. Moreover, you can pick and choose individuals who are best suited to individual projects – and, unlike full-time employees, you only need to pay them when they’re actually working.

Reduce paper use and consider document management solutions

Compared to computer files, paper files take up substantial space, can degrade in quality and are easily lost. Furthermore, hunting through paper files can take ages compared to performing a search on a computer database. Study how you use paper in your company and ask yourself what information it stores and if a paper copy is really needed. Very often you will find a digital version will suffice and will do the job equally well.

Of course, there are times when you’ll have no choice but to have a paper copy – most commonly for legal or statutory requirements, etc. In these instances, consider employing a Document Management Services (DMS) company to scan, digitize and store the documents for you. 

DMS companies will also set up easy to follow filing systems making document retrieval easy and removing the worry of lost archives. For example, legal firms frequently save time with a legal document management system in cases that can frequently have reams of paper-based evidence and testimonies, etc.

Use software where possible for repetitive tasks

The sophistication and capabilities of modern programming and, in particular, Artificial Intelligence (AI) have progressed exponentially over the last 20 years and autonomous systems are now commonplace in the workplace. No matter what job you do, there will always be repetitive tasks that could easily be processed by software. AI is now frequently used for a wide range of previously manual human tasks including invoicing, payroll, Client Relationship Management (CRM) and even order processing.

Take a moment to sit down and study your current processes in-depth to see what areas of your work could be handled by AI. Better yet, consult with an IT specialist who will be able to advise on the latest tech available for your market. You might be quite surprised just how far AI has come.

Where possible, look to automation to perform any time-consuming or labor-intensive tasks. You’ll free up significant time while also reducing your overhead and improving overall company efficiency.

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