Unearthing some of Assisted Reproduction’s uncherished benefits

Unearthing some of Assisted Reproduction’s uncherished benefits

India’s medical sector has got immensely advanced over the years and has made high progress in technological development, owing to the success of IVF (In-vitro Fertilization). Thousands of childless couples are treated by the assisted mean of reproduction every year. One of India’s distinguished names in the field, Dr Gautam Allahbadia talks about some of the unknown benefits of IVF procedures, often overlooked by people.

IVF PGDHigh success rates each cycle

Other fertility treatments are recommended by a number of doctors before trying IVF since it should be tried when other methods fail. Dr Allahbadia says, “The per-cycle success rate is better with this method of assisted reproduction”

The almost limitless field in terms of applications

The beauty of IVF lies in the fact that it has no limit in its implementation which can be done in wide-ranging issues. While most of the assisted reproduction methods are limited to women’s infertility problems. A number of severe male issues are also addressed by IVF. Absence of sperms in semen but the presence of testicular sperm and low sperm count are among the major issues that IVF ICSI can deal with.

Third-party reproduction

Third-party reproduction is one of the finest things about IVF. Through egg, uterus, and sperm donation, IVF can make the use of TPR in the best way. “Sometimes, if there is a problem in the production of eggs, it is suggested to use donated eggs. In such cases, IVF treatment is the only viable option, as the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the body before they are placed inside a woman’s uterus,” explains Dr Gautam Allahbadia, IVF team head at Millennium Medical Centre (MMC IVF), Dubai.

Preservation of female fertility

It has been seen that many career-loving women who are passionate about their profession fail to have a baby in time. By the age they start planning a baby, they face a lot of problems. Cryopreservation, the procedure of egg freezing at an early age, helps women conceive a baby through IVF in the latter part of life.

Elimination of genetic diseases

As a woman gets older, she is prone to a lot of abnormalities in the chromosome that may produce genetically abnormal embryos. It becomes very difficult for these embryos to get implanted to the uterus. It can also cause early abortions and in some cases, abnormalities in the baby have also been seen. Healthy embryos are selected in the IVF procedure for implantation. It is called pre-implantation genetic screening. IVF method can also eliminate various genetic diseases or mitochondrial diseases running in families.

Dr Gautam Allahbadia, the Mumbai-born IVF consultant, believes that the assisted reproduction method is undoubtedly better than other techniques.

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