Business · April 25, 2020

UI Design Trends 2020

With each new year comes a series of new trends that impact much of the design that comes along online or on mobile. DianApps recognize that engineering and design go hand in hand and it’s the visual appeal that draws customers far more than the actual technology used to build the experience, which is why we always strive to stay up and close with the latest industry design trends and introduce them.

Dark Mode

Everybody is going completely nuts these past couple of months over ‘Dark Mode’ and nearly every app is rolling out a ‘Dark’ version of their UI. There’s the technological benefit of dark mode that today significantly decreases battery usage in cell phones. Perhaps the biggest reason it gets so popular is because it makes the whole user experience so enjoyable. For night-time reading or surfing habits, dark mode has become today’s ideal go to theme. Usually, dark mode uses a black background or an identical background with contrasting colors as text, such as white, blue or whatever goes with the type of theme you choose. Also DianApps can built a lot of UI with a dark mode.


Based on the popular concepts of ‘Skeuomorphism,’ Neumorphism, like its predecessor, draws its inspiration from actual like objects, but with the added goodness of the ‘square’ interface style of UI. The elements in ‘Neumorphic’ appear to have a light or dark shadow underneath them, which gives them an impression of being forced out through the window. To get this in your app hire affordable iPhone app developer uae from DianApps. The one thing that brings Neumorphism to the top of the list is the degree of ‘freshness’ it brings to some of the current types of design by changing what has existed for quite some time. A pure addition to imitating real objects in the design of a UI is the next major step in that direction.

3D Depth

3D has reached new scale heights, which simply means it doesn’t go anywhere. Today, 3D elements have also made their way into smartphone and web applications and are just as enriching. Imagine presenting a web-based product with a full 360 degree model that is also interactive. Consider grid-based navigations now in a mobile app that travel around a 3D space like a globe. Hire affordable iPhone app developer uae by the firm DianApps take time to create such an experience is a lot but it is really satisfying.

Haptic Feedback With Microinteractions

If you haven’t noticed how Facebook’s ‘Like’ button is animated or Instagram’s double tapping feels normal to you, then Microinteractions do their job, and the fun part is that they’re incorporated into almost every app or website you’ll come across.They’re made in such a way that they fit so well in the overall context that they’d go unnoticed if you didn’t make any effort to consider them, but if you eliminate them something would certainly seem off.

DianApps used these patterns to create special and unforgettable interactions for our clientele, and to help them convey their message in the most effective way possible. There are a lot of different developments on the way and they are hard to predict so we keep a close eye on what could be the next big thing.