Medical · May 15, 2019

UAE : Medical tourism hub for IVF

A strong medical tourism market, along with ample of services, amenities and state-of-the-art services are making Dubai, a primary destination for fertility treatments. There are a number of clinics in Dubai that offer safer services which otherwise are not available in any other country.

The market difference, however, is availed through ‘the facility to test for overall chromosomal normalcy in embryos’, to detect if there are any genetic diseases running in the family – making Dubai’s IVF services more preferred. In addition, the fertility treatments in Dubai also allow couples to opt for the gender of their choice as part of ‘Family Balancing’ to achieve a balanced representation of both genders in their family.

“IVF is not only sought after locally, but it is one of the leading treatments undertaken by medical tourists in the UAE, especially in Dubai,” stated Mansoor Ahmed, director for healthcare and education for Mena region at Colliers International told Khaleej Times.

With ART clinicians and embryologists, fertility clinics in Dubai ensure premium healthcare services to patients. IVF Lite is another viable option offered by these clinics, involving a soft stimulation protocol. This is a very efficient and cost effective alternative when compared to the conventional IVF.

Fertility clinics in Dubai ensure premium healthcare services to patients along with the ART specialists and embryologists. IVF Lite is another feasible option offered by these clinics to childless couples, involving a lighter stimulation protocol. This is very efficient and a cost effective alternative when compared to the conventional IVF treatment procedures.

Dr Gautam Allahbadia, head of the ART program of MMC IVF says, “With IVF Lite, we give fertility tablets to the patients instead of injections. All the babies have pre-implantation genetic diagnosis done, and parents are even able to choose the gender of the child.”

The cycle begins with a charted out regimen of Fertility Inducing Medications. All the confirmatory tests for pregnancy are performed before starting the procedure to avoid complications and offer a risk-free fertility treatment to the patients.

The fertility treatment options in UAE are opening new doors to the couples hoping to experience the happiness of being a parent.

With current developments, the Health Authority in Dubai is aiming to attract 500,000 medical tourists a year by 2020, which probably will make it a medical tourism hub. To achieve this target, a number of hospitals and medical professionals have been involved in the process to offer flawless medical services to the foreign patients. With the availability of IVF treatment and the required expertise, UAE is already emerging as a medical tourist destination for the patients seeking fertility treatment.