UAE embraces the new era of medical tourism as more couples opt for IVF

UAE embraces the new era of medical tourism as more couples opt for IVF

With the increasing advancements in fertility treatment, UAE is attracting a number of medical tourists from Africa, Asia and other parts of the world. These patients are seeking IVF treatments and focusing on the affordability factor. UAE is becoming the ‘hot-spot’ due to the availability of top-notch quality treatment, easy accessibility and affordability offered by the country.

Focusing on the medical tourism market, experts in Dubai are offering plenty of services and state-of-the-art amenities, making it the primary destination for couples looking for fertility treatments. There are plenty of clinics in Dubai that offer safer services that are not available in other countries.

Although there are no major differences, but the facility to test for overall chromosomal normalcy in embryos which is used to detect any genetic diseases running in the family is offered by majority of the Dubai’s IVF clinics. Another special feature offered by the clinics is that they allow the couples to choose the gender as a part of ‘Family Balancing’ also known as ‘Gender Selection’, in order to achieve a balanced representation of both genders in the family.

Mansoor Ahmed, director for healthcare and education for Mena region at Colliers International told Khaleej Times, “IVF is not only sought after locally, but it is one of the leading treatments undertaken by medical tourists in the UAE, especially in Dubai.”

Fertility clinics in Dubai ensure premium healthcare services to patients and are looking at an optimistic future of the country. IVF Lite is another viable and attractive option which is being offered by these clinics. Since it is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to the conventional IVF, Dr Gautam Allahbadia Mumbai, who heads the ART program of MMC IVF, explains, “In IVF Lite, we give fertility tablets to the patients instead of injections. All the babies have pre-implantation genetic screening done, and parents can choose the gender of their child.”

The cycle begins with a charted out regimen of ‘Fertility Inducing Medications’. All the confirmatory tests for pregnancy are performed before starting the procedure to avoid any complications and the priority is to offer risk-free fertility treatment to the patients.

Medical tourists are opting to travel to the UAE for fertility treatments, given the shorter travel time and the high success rates. UAE is emerging as the new ‘medical-hub’ and opening new doors for the couples who want to experience the happiness of parenthood.

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