Business · April 25, 2020

Types of Events Traditional Party Tents Are Used For

When planning a party, you’ll want it to be perfect. From the decorations and invitations to the activities and food, great planning is necessary for hosting a memorable event.

One way of making your event easier to host is by renting a party tent from a trusted company. You’ll find these rentals are suitable for any kind of get-together, ranging from birthday parties and baby showers to large-scale events such as weddings and family reunions.

This kind of tent is more expensive than a traditional tent and typically needs extra people to set up. That’s why you need a rental. Here’s a list of events in which you can use party tents.

Events for using Party Tents


Weddings commonly take place in party tents. Since they don’t occur often, most would rather rent than buy a tent. People tend to purchase a party tent than buy when they use it for more than the occasional wedding or event. Wedding tents are available in various colors and designs. However, white is a common option. Tent providers frequently offer accessories, for instance, awnings, flooring, and lighting.

Birthday Party

Renting a tent for a birthday eliminates the stress of worrying about adverse weather if you’re hosting the event outdoors. A party tent will protect your guests against the harsh sun or rain. A tent also offers shaded space, making the event more enjoyable for friends and family.

You’ll also find that tents add ambiance to your event. You can transform a previously bare backyard or open field into a magical venue with color and lights. The numerous tent styles combined with accessories such as walls allow you to produce something unique.

Types of Party Tents

Instant and Pop Up Canopies

These tents emphasize convenience. They’re the lightest and least costly kind of party tent. Pop-up canopies use accordion-style frames and you can set them up in a couple of minutes without using any tools. You’ll find that some come with storage bags for compact and easy transportation.

Without center poles, they’re open and if you require a focal point, you won’t have a problem. Bear in mind that they don’t come any bigger than 20” x 20”, making them unsuitable for bigger events where additional space is necessary.

Another feature to consider is construction. The light-weight models can’t withstand the same wear and tear that a heavier tent would. As such, this means they aren’t suitable for long-term use.

Pole Tents

These tents are available in a wide range of sizes from as small as 10×10 to the massive sizes. These tents have poles for weight support. The tension generated by stakes or other tie-downs maintains the tent in a stable and upright manner.

With poles situated around the perimeter and in the middle, the light and easy to use tent offers a cost-efficient way of covering a bigger area. This tent however, has some drawbacks.

The biggest downside is the placement. Since this kind of tent depends on tension to prevent the top from collapsing, there’s minimal flexibility in terms of staking. On average, you must permit an additional 6ft of space on every side of the tent to accommodate the necessary staking. This implies that their installation can’t occur against a building. Moreover, they aren’t suitable for indoor use because they’ll leave holes in your floor.

Another factor to consider when determining whether this party tent is suitable is the center pole, which can obstruct visibility and make it difficult to integrate bigger objects into the layout. If you’re holding an event where they might pose a problem, this tent might not be the best option.

Tension Tents

A tension tent is similar to a conventional pole tent; it uses center and perimeter poles for support and depends on tension from tie-downs to secure the roof. They also share the simple installation and portability of typical structures with poles.

The structural distinction between tension and other pole canopies is the peak size. You’ll find that tension canopies comprise taller peaks and provide a more elegant and dramatic look. You’ll find the high-peak tents in numerous business and formal events.

The tent’s striking design offers various practical benefits. For instance, the tall peaks enhance drainage and wind resistance, permitting tension tents to tolerate harsh weather. If you’re seeking a tent that can remain standing for extended periods, this tent is ideal.

Some models can even function as permanent structures. Tension tents are a type of pole tent with similar limitations. You must leave a fair degree of staking clearance and you cannot use them indoors or next to buildings.

While the canopies might offer a roomy and open feel, they comprise center poles that could hinder visibility and some layouts. Due to their makeup, tension canopies tend to be more costly than ordinary pole tents.

They aren’t typically as costly as frame structures, but costs could be rather close based on the model and manufacturer. You’ll have to determine if the aesthetic and structural benefits are worth the additional cost.

Frame Tents

Instead of relying on the stake tension, these tents use a metal structure for supporting their canopies. This permits them to function without center-pole support and gives them more flexibility in terms of placement.

You can use them indoors or next to buildings. They could even function as semi-permanent structures. However, flexibility comes at a cost. Frame tents are typically more costly than tension and pole tents.

Additionally, they’re considerably heavier and need more effort to set up. A frame tent could easily take four times longer to set up than comparable models. If your sensible needs are a priority and you’re ready to deal with the extra costs and effort involved, this tent might be a good choice.

Choosing the ideal party tent isn’t easy. There are numerous sizes, types, and styles from which to choose. For this reason, you must consider various factors in your selection process. You want to be sure you choose the tent that not only suits your needs but also your budget.