Foods · May 26, 2020

Tupelo Honey For Sale: What Are Its Benefits

In a lot of online stores, people search for tupelo honey for sale not just because of its rarity but also because of its various benefits. Tupelo Honey, which is known by Australians as eucalyptus honey or as manuka honey for New Zealanders, is one of the most popular types of honey there is.

What is a Tupelo Honey?

This is high-grade honey that comes from the blossoms of the white tupelo gum tree. These blossoms are delicate and bloom each Spring limitedly. It is considered the only type of honey that won’t crystallize, which means even diabetics can consume due to its low glucose content. The tupelo honey also has a light golden amber color with a greenish cast. Its flavor is so delicious and buttery that it is a favorite among many people.  

Where is it commonly found?

Mostly tupelo honey is produced in the Apalachicola River that is near the Florida Panhandle. This is the place where you can find an abundance of tupelo trees. For the most expensive and purest tupelo honey, you can look for it in the southeastern valleys of the United States. The Georgia rivers such as the Choctawhatchee and Ochlocknee Rivers are also places where you can get the valuable honey. 

Usually, what happens in these areas is that beekeepers position their beehives near floats, platforms, or river swamps. This is to help secure and protect them from being flooded. Renowned online stores that stock tupelo honey for sale, procure their honey from these beekeepers directly to ensure the quality. 

The Benefits of Tupelo Honey

Aside from its wonderful taste, tupelo honey also has various advantages that make it a sought after product. 

It is a natural sugar.

The body needs sugar to have more energy, and with tupelo honey’s high fructose content, it can help with that. This is the kind of sugar that is beneficial for people’s health and for those who have problems with blood glucose. 

 It is rich in nutrient content.

One of the perks of tupelo honey is that it contains a lot of nutritional content. It has calcium, potassium, Vitamin C, iron, and thiamine, among others. Many experts recommend this honey because it is loaded with such nutrients and multivitamins. Its Vitamin C, in particular, is high enough to help remove toxins in the body for a healthier lifestyle. 

It is an all-natural remedy that can help with common illnesses.

Several people believe that tupelo honey contains various health benefits that can treat some common illnesses. Some believe that it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, which is the reason why it is used to relieve conditions such as sore throats and mild coughs. Whether the tupelo honey is black or white, both also provide the same benefits. Moreover, tupelo honey is also rich in antioxidant properties, which helps with soothing the throat and curing the infections that cause mild illnesses. It is also ideal for those with diabetes, as previously mentioned, because of its low glucose content. This honey is considered a product that will enhance the healthy immune system and digestive tract, and lastly, for all those who like raw honey, tupelo is gluten-free.  

With so many advantages, no wonder it is considered one of the best honey to produce. The process might be tedious, but the tupelo honey will definitely be worth it.

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