Try Different Makeup Looks for Different Occasions

Try Different Makeup Looks for Different Occasions

What if I ask you to eat a sandwich in dinner and vegetables in breakfast, awkward? You will eat what is perfect according to the time. Same is with occasions, you would not like to carry heavy makeup look in engagement and light makeup as a bride. Different occasions have a different feel, and there are different looks to compliment the same.

Mostly, we have back to back occasions to cover. We often lose the grace and end up with a mess. If this has happened to you many times, probably you need a makeup artist. A knowledgeable makeup artist knows what makeup to wear for what occasion. This article covers what looks to wear for occasion’s like- Party, engagement, wedding, etc. If you are a bride to be, you must not skip this article because you have to cover all occasions. As a bride, you must also carry some knowledge of different makeup styles. Makeup for Engagement For guest-As a guest, you may want to carry an elegant look.

You may want to drape a light saree or a gown on your bestie’s engagement. But if you chose to wear traditional heavy makeup, you are likely to ruin the look. There is a new trend of makeup with no makeup. This look is perfect for occasions like engagement. For this look, ditch traditional foundation and compact, instead go for a high-quality primer. For eye makeup wear only mascara, if you have wide eyes or just wear an eye-liner. For lips, carry a nude lip shade.

Carry heavy earrings to compliment the whole look. The problem with nude look is- you have to blend the material perfectly on your face, and whatever you are using must match with your skin tone. Well, you can take the help of a makeup artist, in case you don’t want to mess it up. Either you can go to a salon but if you are running out of time, call an engagement makeup artist in Lucknow working as a freelancer. They may charge you more but will come to your escape whenever you want. Party Makeup Now party makeup depends on what kind of party you are going in. If it is hanging out with friends, you can wear a casual dress with a nice hairdo and light makeup.

However, you can carry dark lip shade, funky jewelry, and try eyeliners of different shades. You must have the idea of the intensity of the party if you want a bold look. If it is a reception party, you can carry a heavy makeup look with an ethnic dress, especially if you fall into the category of relatives. If you want advice on party makeup, in case you are in dilemma, visit a salon in Lucknow, get your makeup and hairdo, you’ll get an idea for further parties.

In case you are specifically looking for a party makeup artist in Lucknow, give priority to location, it helps in sudden plans. Bridal Makeup If you are a bride to be, this section is for you. Bridal makeup is something different from all the above makeup. Bridal makeup varies from traditional to bold. Now, it is your call, what look you want to carry on your D-day. If you try many things, you are sure to bring confusion in your mind. Instead, visit a bridal makeup artist in Lucknow and try different makeup looks. Talking to makeup artist helps a lot to avoid confusion because they can figure out things according to your features. This article ends here but there are many makeup looks which you can try, so keep experimenting.

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