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Trends To Look Out For in Canada’s Home Building Market

The Canadian home-building market has been going through some changes.The Canadian home-building market has been going through some changes.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, house prices have risen significantly, bringing the average sales price to more than $1 million, according to a source. There has been an increased demand for luxury real estate in Canada, and for the right reasons.

While this demand rises, the custom homes industry has also seen an increase in the amenities and behavioural changes in the homebuying patterns of the consumer. Several features appeal to them on various levels.

So, what makes Calgary’s custom homes special? Moreover, does this change in Canada’s housing market make any difference to luxury custom homes in Calgary and parts of Alberta?

Here are some trends to look out for in custom homes in Calgary.

1. Community-first homes
One exciting trend to look out for in the luxury real estate market is that many rich members of society are preferring to live in community-based neighbourhoods. Instead of focusing more on their own privacy, the rich are now focused on having a like-minded neighbour with that they might be able to hang out.

2. Luxury Outdoor Features
While COVID relaxes a little, people still have started to hang outside. However, the whole scenario around COVID-19 and how it affected all our lives have changed our perspective towards homes.

Homes tend to be the most personal space for many, and hens are a perfect place for loved ones to hang out and enjoy with each other. This is where the homebuyers are imperatively stressing the need for luxury outdoor features. Features like

outdoor pizza ovens, barbecues, and refrigerators are all the rage right now.
Maybe, all of this can be better topped off with an outdoor home theatre?

3. Large and feature-loaded kitchen
The kitchen is yet another place where conversations take place and memories are made. So when it comes to kitchens, homeowners are identifying the kitchen as a space for many to interact. Hence, it should be large according to the floor plan.

Moreover, luxury features like multiple burners, a pantry and a food prep area that’s classy are the key here.

4. Relaxing Bathrooms
Bathroom designs are being given special attention.. Homeowners and builders understand the importance of this space alike. While bathrooms should be high-tech and filled with all the right gizmos, they should at the end of the day be comfortable spaces to relax in.

Luxury Custom Homes in Calgary
In 2022, Canada might finally see a boom in its real estate industry. While that happens, this might just be the right time to plan and consider a luxury custom home for oneself.

Custom homes tend to be the best bet when someone wants the right mix of luxury and personalisation. As Canada’s housing market rises, the demand for luxury homes might rise with that as well.

Hence, prior to that, it’s best to understand the market and figure out the requirements. Visiting a luxury custom home builder in Calgary can help decide, in case someone is looking to get their own luxury custom home in Calgary anytime soon.

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