Treadmills, the good and the bad

The treadmills have become the fashion fitness machine that is in the cardio area of any gym in your city. Many even call them ” cardio ribbons ” and together with elliptical bicycles and stationary bicycles they have become the most used machine by gym lovers.

And is that the treadmills gain many followers during the winter, when the rainy weather does not allow some runners to go out to train outdoors. That’s when indoor running becomes the perfect training method to keep running. Do you want to know more about the famous treadmill ?

Then we tell you all the details about running indoor, the most recommended treadmills and the myths that circulate about them in the fitness world.

Running on tape is bad. True or false?

To say that running on a treadmill is bad is perhaps too general a view, since every corridor and every body is a world. We have already given our opinion about the treadmills in ” sex, lies and treadmills ” and we have even tested the reliability of the running watches on the treadmills . Obviously, we know that running on the street is not the same as running on a treadmill in a gym: the wind resistance, the variety of the terrain, the visual distraction, the burning of calories or even the natural posture when running is not the same.

But not everything is going to be bad. You can perform different types of treadmill training that, if done correctly, can help you improve your running technique . And that is precisely what you must think to improve. It will always be better to run on tape during the winter than to sit on the sofa, do not you think?

Of course, do not trust too much of the times and the numbers that you get running on tape. Keep in mind that the factors mentioned above are not present in the gym (wind, variety of terrain, distractions, posture, etc.) and that, whether you want it or not, positively influences your numbers .

It is also evident that running on a treadmill has its advantages. The pace is constant, the times are better when the machine is rolling and the weather does not become an obstacle to go for a run . In addition, you can use the inclination of the machine and the tables of equivalences to get somewhat more real numbers.

As in everything, it’s about not overusing the treadmills to take advantage of their potential and not stopping your running training during the winter.

Treadmills: source of injuries?

It has already been clear that the effort of running on tape is less than doing it in the open air, but we have not mentioned anything about the joint issue. The usual discomfort is caused by the sliding itself in the reverse direction of the tape that partially inhibits the use of some muscles (buttocks) and ligaments, and usually manifests in the back and / or hip flexors, as well as in the tibial.

However, this does not mean that by running on tape you are going to injure yourself. In fact, the very Bartolomé Serrano, former member of the Spanish Athletics Selection, says so. According to him, running on tape for up to 30 minutes is healthy and will protect your joints . The problem comes when the times are abused.

In short, running on tape can be harmful if you abuse but not if you choose a proper treadmill workout that does not exceed 30 minutes. Take advantage of the potential of this machine, train series, train inclination, train quickly … And without cold or rain!

Running on slimming tape

Not long ago we told you the keys to lose weight running, but can you apply a running workout to lose weight to a treadmill workout ? Of course.

A daily cardio routine can help you lose weight and a lot. You can even combine it with an elliptical or stationary bicycle and you will be surprised with the results. Not only will you get spectacular thighs but you will lose weight easily and healthily .

You can ask the personal trainer of your gym and the first thing that will tell you is that to lose weight you need to run on tape or get on the elliptical bike for 30 minutes a day. Do it and then come and tell us what happens in a few weeks.

Have not we convinced you? Well try to go out to lose weight because it works too. The problem, as with running, is that in winter it rains and it is cold so it becomes an often uncomfortable activity that can report more than a cold. That’s why … with treadmills / running you have no excuse !

Buy treadmills

Not only can you find treadmills in the gym. Many people choose to buy a treadmill to practice indoor running in their own home, without having to leave. The problem with this is that they end up buying some cheap models of treadmills that we find in carrefour and then secondhand in Ebay or milanuncios. The problem with the vast majority of these tapes is that they are so cheap because their quality and functionalities are inevitably very low. The intensity of the use to be given, the speed that can reach, the degrees of inclination, the engine’s own power, the existence of training schedule and the composition and cushioning of the carpet are the main aspects to have in account before launching a purchase. That’s why we recommend not launching Buy a cheap treadmill without first reading the following.

Therefore, if you are going to use the treadmill on a daily basis it is important that you invest a little more money and buy a quality tape. If you do not have too much space you can always choose to buy folding treadmills. So you will only occupy space while you use it. Sometimes it is better to pay the fee of a gym and use a high-end treadmill than to buy one that will not last us.

So, what are you waiting for to forget the rain and the cold and start training even on treadmills?

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