Trailer productivity improvement – the benefits of choosing the professionals

Trailer productivity improvement – the benefits of choosing the professionals

When it is about choosing a professional organization for the trailer productivity improvement, you need to be sure about the company. Trust is developed in course of time through the services provided by organizations. Here is where we have got the competitive edge. Not only do we offer the best quality on-lift landing gear automation but we also make sure that you receive the premium services. On-lift is the most reliable and effective automated air powered landing gear for the trucks available on the market. It is capable of lifting more than 60,000 lb trailer. With the presence of a pneumatic landing gear system, you can raise and lower the landing gear for the tractor trailer in less than 10 seconds. The best part is, you won’t need to require any maintenance. The air power is delivered through emergency brakes and this is why no other auxiliary power is needed.

The best part is, the motors have been tested for more than 30,000 cycles under load with ensuring no load failures. This is equal to 20 years of usage along with significant drops and hooks per day. Another important product of our organisation is the on-load trailer rear stabilizer automation. This is a two speed single or dual leg operation. It comes in different configurations. They are available in customized formations according to tailored customer requirements. The on-load helps in preventing dock-walk and trailer rear end sag for the air ride trailer systems. At the dock, when the trailer is not hooked with the tractor, the on-load will uniquely and independently act as the stabilization unit. It will prevent the problems associated with air – ride systems.

Our trailer productivity improvement benefits include significant reduction in workers compensation and any other insurance costs. Our products will virtually eliminate the strains and any other injuries that are caused by repetitive cranking of the landing gear with force up to 100 lbs. We make sure that our products will improve driver hiring and retention. It will create a safe work environment for all employees. It supports EEO hiring because the operation can be performed irrespective of sex, age, physical handicap and race. It will also reduce the incentive costs while recruiting new drivers. It will also reduce the retiring attrition because of the physical restriction and handicap. We make sure that our workers are provided with an improved work environment because of the physical demand. Finally, it will also boost the employee morale as well.

One of the most significant trailer productivity improvements is, the potential revenue will increase due to the automated process of raising and lowering the landing gear. The landing gear damage is almost eliminated. Also, there is a significant reduction in the fifth wheel damage along with other trailer components. It increases the parking efficiency of the parking trailers by 20%. You will be able to park 5 trailers in the space that is originally for 4. The air power is delivered from the emergency brake system so that there is no auxiliary power required.

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