Top Things to Do In Charleston

Top Things to Do In Charleston

A beautiful port city founded in 1670, Charleston is one of the most elegant destinations in South Carolina to explore. Bestowed with Cobblestone Streets, Picturesque French Quarters, Horse-Drawn Carriages, and Pastel Antebellum Houses, this beautiful attraction holds the romantic notion of the Old South, with its aristocratic homes flanked by lush foliage. The historic charm and modern vibrancy of this city entices holidaymakers from far and wide. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the interesting things to do in Charleston with Air Canada Reservations

Best Activities to Indulge in Charleston

Whether you wish to soak in the ambiance of the brick-walled, take a leisure stroll, explore the history of the city or indulge in the delightful shopping experience, Charleston has it all to pamper the travel enthusiast inside you. 

1. Savor the beautiful Views of the Waterfront Park

The first and foremost thing you can enjoy in Charleston is to sit back and relax in the picturesque Waterfront Park. This is an ideal place to witness the alluring views and to spend some time in the alp of Mother Nature. This park covers 12-acre of land and is equipped with old-fashioned park benches and double swings. In addition to this, Waterfront Park also boasts plenty of fountains including unusual one i.e. the Pineapple Fountain that is generally lighted at night. Apart from its panoramic views, what other thing makes it appealing is its excellent open Wi-Fi network. 

2. Enjoy the aura of Middleton Place Plantation

Visiting this fully-furnished plantation house is yet another best thing you can enjoy while exploring the city of Charleston. Nothing can match the positive aura of Old South like Middleton Place Plantation and, therefore, this tourist attraction has attained the special position. With its hedged galleries, blooming gardens, descending terraces and pools, this lush plantation lures visitors from every nook and corner of the world. 

3. Pamper the marine lover inside you by visiting South Carolina Aquarium

Whether you are visiting Charleston with family, friends or exploring this destination alone, you cannot afford to miss to pay a visit at South Carolina Aquarium. Well, you’l; be surprised to know that despite its name, this place is not just a home to marine life. Here, you can also witness land-dwelling mammals, reptiles, and birds. This aquarium regularly hosts interactive shows in which you can touch sharks and rays. The best-loved resident of this home is the huge sea turtle that resides in the Great Ocean Tank and grabs the attention of the visitors instantly. 

4. Explore the History of Charleston in Old Slave Mart Museum

Are you a history buff? If so, then the Old Slave Mart Museum is just the perfect choice for you. Sits in the heart of French Quarter, this is located in the building where prisoners were auctioned before the civil war. Here, you can enjoy a guided tour and enjoy a sobering view of the history. 

5. Take a leisure stroll along the famous Ravenel Bridge

Bridging the gap between Mount Pleasant and Downtown Charleston, Ravenel Bridge is the most loved landmark of Charleston city. This bridge is designed to withstand the winds in excess of 300 miles per hour and 7.4 scape earthquakes. 

6. Visit The Charleston Museum

Referred to as the ‘America’s First Museum’, this tourist attraction was built in the year 1773. It boasts of the vast collection that includes rare slave badges and ancient tools that were used to grow rice. Charleston Museum offers the glimpses of 19th century world travelers including an Egyptial mummy and case. 

If the above-mentioned tourist destinations attract you, then get your United Airlines Reservations to Charleston done now and make your holidays memorable. 

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