Top Ten Ways to Add Value (With Nothing Expected in Return)

Top Ten Ways to Add Value (With Nothing Expected in Return)

I often question how I might add value to the coaching/training industry as a whole, not just for effect on my own coaching business school. I created ten to-do’s you might be interested in doing. Each one has to do with creating value and a ripple of good energy that spreads out the world.

You never ever know they might influence you to higher things …

1.   Create an expert Twitter account.

Find time to read for 30 minutes each day then tweet a few comments that you found informative. Not only are you keeping up to date in your business landscape, you are also including worth by commenting on useful articles for others to check out. Hashtags like #coaching #business #leadership #bizgrowth will help your post to be found by ideal contacts.

2.   Be known as a great curator of information.

Check out organization books across various niches and summarize them into 5000 words. The married C-level executive with international responsibilities and family responsibilities will thank you …

3.   Pass along a book you’ve read checked out a business professional expert you admire.

They could be in a role that you would want to be in at some time in the future. You never know quite how, or when, they might return the favor.

4.   Go to one or two industry specific conferences every year.

Once the event is over, write a short article and include your high-level takeaways/ insights. Publish the article in groups on LinkedIn. You can also curate some of the very best ah-ha’s from the conference posting them to all of your social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

5.   Email 2 – 4 stories you found interesting to a coach or close contact in the industry who might likewise have a similar interest in the subject.

Odds-on that will appreciate you thinking about them and it keeps you top-of- mind.

6.   Link together 2 people who can equally gain from a relationship with each other or in some collaboration together.

For instance, let’s say you understand one of your contacts is searching for contributors (for a blog or podcast), and a different contact is seeking to get exposure in that space – you may then connect the two. Do them both a favor and introduce them and let them take the conversation from there. The key here is not anticipating anything in return. What will happen is that you remain top-of-mind with both parties. If a need for training opens up sometime in the future, either contact may think of you to fulfill the role.

7.   Commit to developing a media channel specific to your niche where you talk to industry specialists.

This is a fantastic method to record the market’s attention. Richard Rierson has actually done this well with “A Dose of Leadership” and Christopher McAuliffe has had excellent exposure with “The Coaching Show”. I’ve talked to both of them and got terrific boosts for my coaching practice.

8.   Decide to run a coaching/business conference online.

I get that this is much easier said than done, (I’ve done my fair share of these over the years) but you don’t require an extraordinary number of people to attend in order for the event to be a roaring success. As a bonus, you get to turn all of the recordings into a Youtube channel or podcast series for an extended engagement.

9.   Get interviewed as a podcast guest.

Most podcast hosts are actively searching for knowledgable people to interview. Contact your favorite podcast hosts, the ones that you listen to, and let them know your background and knowledge. If you are the right fit they will have you as a guest.

10.     Who is the best you can be?

I’m not simply talking here about being the very best coach you can be, but also the very best leader you can be. The best human. What would it take for you to be an innovator in the coaching industry? What function can you play in the advancement of the profession and help us to introduce a brand-new era of Executive and Business Coaching? What innovations can you bring?

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