Tour and Travels · May 10, 2022


I presume you have begun your investigation already, but when New Year’s Eve eventually comes, it will be month-end, and we understand the synonym for that: BROKE. It doesn’t make a difference if you are broke then or not, it is often a decent idea to save some cash. 

Smaaash Carnival Bollywood Dance Party

If you are a family soul looking for an exact place for lads and grown-ups, then your investigation ends even before it commences because you are gazing at the reply to it. Smaaash Carnival at the given address has excellent food, exciting music, and giveaway prizes that will tie you and your children to the location for the New Year.

Address: DLF Mall Of India, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Utsav Farmhouse New Year’s Eve Bonfire Party

Do you hope to expand your evening relaxing beside a bonfire that holds you warm while the New Year gradually reaches you? Or do you wish to dance the final evening of the year out on sizzling beats while the bonfire holds you warm? The response to both of these concerns is Utsav Farmhouse, which attracts limitless snacks and drinks.

Address: Utsav Vatika, Bawana Road, Rohini Sector 16, Delhi

Flavor Pirates New Year’s Eve Poolside Party 

Toss a bonfire if it isn’t to your taste, and let’s move for a poolside party supervised by a super lively DJ who will turn the location upside down with his beats. Not just can you kneel your feet in the pool or probably toss each other in the water, but you can also taste limitless food and drinks. And once you all are in the pool, you can reveal your moves while you are in there.

Address: Flavor Pirates, Noida

New Year Party at The Ashok Hotel

Are you aged by number but youthful by heart? Fine, then this gathering is for you. The Ashok Hotel organizes this celebration on the eve of the New Year just for folk who are 40 plus. If you are 40 plus, you must not skip this party where you get to have unlimited beverages and food that appears with an appetizer of continuous dance, song, and FUN.

Address: Hotel Ashoka, Chanakyapuri, Delhi

Euphoric Affairs, The Hong Kong Club

If you have a taste for international leisure Euphoric Affairs, The Hong Kong Club is lasting for you. You will appreciate endless Cantonese cuisines and bonus drinks at this place. At that exact time, worldwide artists including DJ Idelson, Violinist Lauren Charlotte, Saxophonist Abi Rose, Percussionist Mikhail Jones, and Acrobatic dancers will serve you with their talent.

Address: The Hong Kong Club, The Hong Kong Club Entrance, Aerocity, Delhi

Privee New Year’s Eve Bash

If your moods are bigger than the mentioned gatherings, and you hope to catch up a step, then assume getting an opportunity to confront celebs Jass Manak and Raftaar. They will be gracing this celebration at Privee, and there will be a bunch of concerts by global dancers. So, compile all the enthusiasm and dignity until the gathering eve arrives to greet the amazing celebs of all time.

Address: Privee, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel Complex

Key Nightclub Hotel Samrat New Year Party

If a drop of luxury is what suits you, then you should go to Key Nightclub Hotel which carries that to the table. Onward with that, outstanding music, ethical drinks, and mouth-watering goodies will not vacate your table either. You can appreciate all this stuff while Russian dancers and special bartenders try to attract you with their talents.

Address: Key Nightclub Hotel Samrat, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri

New Year’s Eve Party at Aqua-The Park

Do you wish for GRAND? Aqua The Park is one of the enormous clubs in the city, and if great is your thing, then this is the spot where you should be on New Year’s Eve. You will adore the satisfying food and crazing sips while the live band and other performances keep your souls delighted.

Address: Aqua, Poolside bar, The Park, 15, Parliament Street, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Tales & Spirits New Year’s Eve Bash

We have not spoken of Hookah still. If you are a Hookah enthusiast and would prefer to devour your New Year’s Eve with your lover, therefore choose Tales & Spirits. They fulfill fascinating choices for hookahs as well as mind-blowing sips. You can appreciate all the said stuff while their outstanding DJ turns your night into a film with his beats.

Address: Tales & Spirits, P15/90, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Imperfecto Shor Hotel Pride Plaza New Year’s Eve Celebration

Are you rolling your New Year’s Eve into a Date Eve? Well, therefore choose Imperfecto Shor Hotel Pride Plaza to grab your boo to where you both can keep ongoing conversations over outstanding dance actions and extra art forms. They will also arrange your night with the help of live concerts, unlimited music, extraordinary food, and amazing drinks.

Address: Imperfecto Shor, Nightclub, Hotel Pride Plaza, Hospitality District 5A Assets, Aerocity