Top Online Money Making Ideas You Should Know

In January 2019, a survey was conducted to know how many active internet users are living in the world and the result was surprising, 4.388 Billion. You can see that internet access is available everywhere and to every people.

People are earning in million through online. They are able to earn such large amount all because of huge number of active internet users and for those, who earn, are treating them as their customers. No one can deny the fact that today’s business is totally based on online rather than land based.

Imagine that you are passionate about something and you want to share your knowledge with rest of the world. You can do this online and can earn a good amount of money too.

If you have spare time and you want to earn some extra pounds then tight your belt and read the full blog. Here you will find top online money making ideas. Let’s take a look that how you can earn without spending much.

Idea 1: Commence your own blog

If you love to write and passionate about something, then you should start your own blog. Here you have to consider one thing that the niche you select should be popular such as Lifestyle, Health, Parenting blog, Home decor. You have to spend very less money; you can take loan from an online direct lender in case you need.

You can earn money via Google Pay ad sense or by affiliate marketing and through subscriber. The thing you have to remember is that your content should be unique and capable of solving customers’ problems. If customer finds your blog wonderful then he/she will share your blog with someone who needs help, which eventually rise traffic and open the way to earn more pounds.

Idea 2: Affiliate Marketing 

This one is the easiest way to earn money. As you read in first point that you can use affiliate marketing to generate revenue on your blog. But you can earn even if you are not running your own blog. You can sell someone’s other product on social media via link or if you are running a blog then you can share that link to your subscribers via mail.

The important thing you know before sharing link is, you have to avoid direct link sharing, give a brief description about the product and then give the link. This way user will easily understand that what is this product and if he/she finds that useful, then they will buy.

Once they buy a product through link you will get some part of the amount; this may vary from one product to other. It would be better if you choose product which can give you sufficient money as commission.

Idea 3: Start E-commerce website

This one is the best way to earn money online where you can sell physical product. This can be done by Drop Shipping. For these you only have to create website and customer will order the product; then you have to take stuff from manufacturing company and sell to the one who ordered.

In case of starting a blog, you remember that you choose the subject which is in demand right now. Similarly, start e-commerce website with product which should be popular. You can see many successful companies like Amazon, e-bay and many more they all are e-commerce website. You can see that how much you can earn from this online money making technique.

Idea 4: E-Books

As we discussed earlier that nowadays people love to spend time more online. They prefer reading books online rather than carry books in their hands. It gives many benefits that user can read anywhere and at anytime.

If writer inside you wants to come out then don’t stop him. You can write books and niche depends on you. But try to choose popular one. Nowadays many e-commerce sites give you an opportunity to sell your books on their websites and earn a good amount.

It would be better if you sell books through your website then all profit is yours. One thing that you should consider is that try to write short books rather than writing a long one which takes months and a year to complete.

Idea 5: Online freelancing

You can generate enough money in very short period of time. You might be thinking how? This can only be possible when you love writing blogs, article and many other forms of writing. There are plenty of websites available where you can register yourself. And you will get project on the basis of your skills.

They provide freelancing work on a large number of projects then you can imagine how much they pay if you are a professional writer, you write blog for your own website. This work is totally home based. You can do this work from anywhere but you need computer with good internet access.

Idea 6: Start online counseling 

This one is for those who love to discuss solution for problem with other people. If you fall in this category then you are having a big opportunity to earn money. You can upload videos or give solutions through Skype calling.

It is more challenging to those who find difficulty to speak with other person. But if you have enough knowledge and you can provide the best solution to your students then this will turn to never stop earning machine.

Idea 7: Make YouTube Videos

This is the way where you don’t have to invest a penny. Though because of strong competition here but if you are the best in your field and really want to serve people then this one is the best way. Make YouTube videos and if people find your video useful then you will generate money through adsense and sponsorship.

You have to keep patience because this will not give you result instantly, it will take time. But you will recognise one day.

You read various ideas about how to earn money online. You can select any one of them and stick to it until you get success. And the best part is you can do this work besides your main work. In this way, you can utilise your spare time too.

Description: You can earn online in various ways, it depends on you which one you choose. And you can contact to direct lender if you need funds for any of the above ideas.

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