Top Most Romantic Honeymoon Places In Africa

Top Most Romantic Honeymoon Places In Africa

Recently got married?  And planning to go for the honeymoon holidays in the heavens on earth? This writeup is for you. I have great experiences to tell you in this article. Umm by the way, which places for the honeymoon you have thought about as yet? Maybe the places like mountains, and the one you might get a lot of fun together, metropolitan cities. One thing you should also consider is beachsides. There are a lot of beachsides in the world which are like paradise on earth and honeymoon vacationers prefer to those beachsides to have a great time together.

Couples are needed the less crowded places. I found them on the beaches of Morocco. In my office, while searching online, I found an agency had provided us Morocco holidays package for honeymoon. Those were the winters and believe me I found them the best days of my life.

Top Destinations to Enjoy Your Honeymoon!

I will suggest you the top best destinations to have a perfect honeymoon at. Why shouldn’t I start from my own experience in Morocco?

Enjoy your Honeymoon in Nile River in Egypt

In the Nile river? Yes in the Nile river. You can avail the opportunity to sail in the cruises in the river. A friend of mine, when traveled to Egypt, told me about the cruise experience in the Nile. She told me to have four nights cruising in the river staring the most beautiful and unseen locations of the earth that the destination has.

They visited in November and enjoyed a romantic honeymoon stopping at Esna, another beautiful destination in Egypt, Aswan and much more best places there. She named a sailboat they had a ride on as Dahaabyeaa. There were a lot of experiences they have had there, the reason to tell you about those experiences is, must-visit Egypt if you want ultimate pleasures in the destination famous for the honeymoon trips. This is Africa’s best destination for all types of travelers from all around the world.

Honeymoon in An Island in Tanzania is a Great Opportunity

There is a famous Island in Tanzania named Mnemba, it is on the Indian ocean. And the other perfect experience is to have the best cottages to spend your honeymoon in totally private environs. Interestingly, my next target is the Mnemba Island Lodges to experience those pleasures. I’m searching about the destinations in Tanzania to explore, making plans and finding for the best packages there.

What I’ve learned as yet that don’t miss living in the Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, the other luxurious opportunities including to have the views of stunning landscapes and wildlife there. And do you know this honeymoon destination is famous to have the world’s best wines? Yes, South African very famous Wines are very famous among the travelers come here to enjoy from all around the world.

You will dine with the best delicious cuisines of the place. It is advised to go and search for the agencies dealing with the best travel packages of the place. I’m doing the same. Good luck!

My Romantic Days and Nights in Morocco

In Morocco, we were landed in Marrakech, a very beautiful city in Morocco. We had an opportunity to spend a night in a very beautiful, romantic traditional hotel, called Riad there. Our Riad was in the old city so we got Unique experience in Morocco. We could have managed to visit Djema el Fna, a bazar in Marrakech full of lights and energies. The best Riad in town will offer you everything in your comfort. Bath experience in the private Hammams of Morocco was the best experience we could have, but it was a separate bath.

We got the opportunities to avail the luxuries of beaches in Tangier and Agadir. That was the ultimate destinations to celebrate your honeymoon I will suggest. Trecking on the Atlas mountains and the great Sahara would add a lot of experiences in your trip. I recall my memories of the sun coming out from the other side of the red dunes of Sahara. The best services you can avail by the tent owners there. Spending nights is a beautiful experience in my life.

Famous Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe

To watch the beautiful waterfalls from my eyes was the dream of mine got true with my partner after a few years of when we got married. Victoria Falls are one of the greatest natural beauties on earth one must visit if want to get the ultimate pleasures of life. It is a place for the newly married couples to enjoy their honeymoon in the nearby hotels having all the facilities of life.

Victoria Falls hotel was there just near the falls I remember. Near to the falls is a privilege of staying in the hotel. I remember when we were living in the ultimate luxuries of the destination. You will also camp their but of course, it is an option. This destination for honeymoon trips is really a great opportunity in Africa.

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