Top Facts and Myths You Should Know About HPV

Top Facts and Myths You Should Know About HPV

Human Papillomavirus, abbreviated as HPV is the prime cause of occurrence of cervical cancer. It is a major serious concern as it can further lead to the emergence of other associated health complications. Due to its complex structure often it is misled as a STI causing virus.

Fact 1: After Certain Point, Majority of People Become HPV-infected 

About 80 % of adults who are sexually active get infected with HPV at a certain point of time. Most of its strains get cleared by the immune system of your body even without knowing you about its presence.

Myth 1: HPV is Single Virus

Though there are over 100 types of HPV strains yet it possesses only one virus. Moreover, among these strains only a few types have the risk to develop cancer. All these are known as high-risk kind and can result in the abnormality in your cervix.

Fact 2: Screening is Not Available for HPV in Men

Pap smear test is performed to detect the trace of HPV in women. Therefore, it is important for you to undergo gynaecological check-ups. Such test is not available for men.

Myth 2: Widely Women Get Infected With HPV

Although both women and men can get infected with HPV, yet women are more susceptible to it. Its high-risk kinds can result in the development of cancer in men too. Associated complications such as oropharyngeal cancer (cancer in tongue base, tonsils and throat) and genital warts can also occur.

At that time you have to undergo genital warts treatment in London to reduce its effectiveness.  Furthermore, there is also the chance of occurring anal and penile cancer in men respectively due to HPV.

Fact 3: HPV Can Stay Dormant for Long

You may get infected with HPV without knowing it for several weeks, days, months or years. Even if you are in monogamous and stable relationship, either of you or your partner can get the HPV infection.

Myth 3: You Can Know if You Are Suffering From HPV

Though HPV barely reveals any symptoms, which is why it cannot get detected most of the time. But undergoing Pap smear at a regular interval of time can help in the detection and thus it is very important!

Fact 4: Smoking Increases the HPV-risk

In most of the circumstances, HPV infection clears on its own by the help of the body’s immune system. As smoking lowers the immune system, clearing of the HPV infection is not guaranteed every time and you can get re-infected too.

Myth 4: Condoms Can Prevent You From HPV

HPV is the STI that can spread via skin-to-skin contact and even condoms cannot protect its transmission. But condoms are very efficient in the prevention of spreading of numerous STIs. This doesn’t mean that you should stop using condoms, but even with it there is a risk of its development.

Myth 5: HPV Vaccine Gives Protection Against Every HPV Types

HPV vaccine is highly recommended to stay protected against HPV and its high-risk types which have the chance to develop cancer. However, as it cannot provide total protection, you are advised to undergo regular Pap smear.

Now, if you are thinking of performing STI test in London, you must book your appointment at the nearby STI clinic. Make sure that the clinic chooses by you offers follow up care, tests and treatment. Engage in private consultation with the GPs regarding your sexual health concern too.

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