Top Exercises to Do At Home When Not Going Gym

Top Exercises to Do At Home When Not Going Gym

There are multiple reasons for you to not hit the gym. Maybe you don’t have a nearby gym or don’t have the money to enroll in the Gym. Sometimes, you are so busy with office work, that you hardly get time to visit another place for exercise. If you can’t visit a Gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you should try to bring exercise at home. There is no need to buy those expensive gym tools. You may not have the space to store those items. So, try to focus on some of the top exercises, you can do right at home. The personal trainers from Oakleigh gym will help you with the ways. Then you are free to try those out at home on your own, without any extra assistance or gym tool.

Off Bed Push up:

Push-ups are always perfect to engage in chest and core muscles. Using the bed as the base will make this traditional exercising routine more challenging and easier to perform. If you are one of those who lack upper body strength, then you have to place hands on edge of bed and toes on the floor. Then you need to lean in a high plank position for inclining the push-ups. In case, you are aiming for some intense workouts, then all you need to do is a flip position by placing feet on the bed and hands-on the floor for decline push up.

Air swimming:

For the ultimate home workout, you can try heading towards air swimming. It helps in strengthening out the postural muscles. It is perfect for targeting the posterior chain and it is vital for improving posture, prevent back pain and ensure that you got a balanced strength. These are some of the major keys to enjoying overall movement.

  • At first, you need to lie on the stomach with arms extended right overhead by ears. Then, you have to lift the chest, legs, and arms off the floor and squeeze out the gluts.
  • For the last step, you have to flutter arms and legs up and down. You have to perform these stages all while keeping them off the floor.
  • Make sure to inhale for around 4 seconds and then exhale for another four. Then you have to repeat this for 16 seconds in total. Try to do 3 sets with a rest of 1 minute in between.

Superman exercise:

This is yet another interesting exercise to try at home when you cannot hit the gym. You have to start in a lying position, with legs extended, ankles plantarflexed and arms stretched overhead. Then try to lift your arms and legs at the same time and hold it in mid-air for year seconds, before letting it go. You have to follow this step for around 15 times, on one sitting.

You can try to follow these exercises when at home, and get to maintain that flawless physique as asked for. There is no need to ask an expert for help in this regard.

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