Education · April 29, 2021

Top 7 tips to learn Arabic in Jordan

You can learn Arabic online at Ziyyara, a language that is spoken by millions of people across the globe. However, learning the Arabic language at home without a tutor or proper online Arabic language courses can be a tough task. You need to have a purpose and sole dedication to achieve mastery of this language. Before knowing about the reasons to learn this language you must know about the perks of learning the Arabic language online.

Why learn the Arabic language online?

As compared to classroom teaching, learning the Arabic language online is pretty much faster. As in the classrooms you cannot control the classes and pace of learning. Whereas in online learning mode you can refer to multiple sources at a time. This will aid you to learn the writing, pronunciation, and accent of the language comparatively faster. There you are both the master and the student also. We at Ziyyara go with recent trends and provide the best online Arabic language learning to our valuable students.

  • Arabic online language classes at Ziyyara, give you the opportunity to repeat the courses time and again. You can go through the study material as many times as you want. You can even spend one entire afternoon on the same topic which otherwise in a classroom is not possible.
  • You can choose your suitable dialect of Arabic according to your choice. It can suit your purpose of traveling or job or any other motive behind learning the Arabic language.
  • You can choose your Online Tutor for Arabic at Ziyyara, you can choose your aura for learning. If the teaching pattern of one tutor doesn’t work for you then you can go for a different tutor. Also, the best part of taking online one-to-one interactive sessions is that you don’t need to go anywhere. You can learn the best concepts of this language in the comfortable surroundings of your home.
  • Make yourself available to numerous resources of study materials. Each day of your life will bring a new adventure in one of the most beautiful languages, Arabic.

After knowing about a few of the perks out of the never-ending advantages of learning the Arabic language. We at Ziyyara provide the best Online Tuition for Arabic with 100% authentic study materials provided by the tutors during live sessions. Now is the time to know about 7 very important tips to learn Arabic in Jordan.

Pick an appropriate dialect of Arabic and stick to it

While you are at the very beginning of deciding to take the Arabic Language Class at Ziyyara, you must decide which dialect you want to choose. There is a wide variety in the Arabic language. At least for the time being they should decide and stick to which part of the Arab world they want to know.

As one can not achieve their language learning goals until they decide which dialect they want to learn. Either you want to go with Iraqi Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic you need to make your choice very clear. You must know what are the goals to achieve in spoken as well as written Arabic language. You must know your motivation to learn an online Arabic language course at Ziyyara in the first place.

  • whether you want to secure a firm place in your job.
  • whether you are interested in knowing the culture and tradition in detail.
  • You are planning for a trip to Arabic speaking country.
  • You want to learn this language just out of curiosity.
  • You wish to continue with your education.

The reason can be anything of the above-mentioned points but goals are achieved only with hard work and determination. This journey can become even more fun and fantastic by taking online Arabic languages at Ziyyara.

Pick Online Resources which teach you all the three Dialects of the Arabic Language

Another key point while learning the Arabic language in Jordan is that you must choose the best Arabic language courses. Before enrolling in the course you must inquire whether they teach all the three dialects of Arabic or not. Below-mentioned is the three dialects of the Arabic language.

  • Classical Arabic is also known as the Quranic Arabic.
  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).
  • Modern Spoken Dialects of Arabic.

The first Classical Arabic is ancient Arabic which extends up to the 6th Century. The major difference between these dialects is based on the terminology. The terms used in the Quranic Arabic are not used in MSA. The MSA and Modern Spoken dialects of Arabic are popularly used in many countries. These differences are basic yet difficult to understand which only an experienced Arabic online language tutor at Ziyyara can explain to you.

Opt variety of learning methods

You can either go for the formal or informal pattern of learning the Arabic language. This means that either you can try to learn the Arabic language independently or take help from a tutor. The Independent mode of learning the Arabic language helps people with flexible schedules. Also, they have a little bit of prior knowledge of the language. The independent mode requires self-motivation and discipline to learn the language.

On the other hand, Online Arabic Tutors at Ziyyara, are gaining a lot of popularity these days. With access to good study materials during the live sessions who wouldn’t want to learn Arabic easily.

Set Your Goals while taking Online Arabic Tuition.

Learning a new language is similar to a journey. Setting up milestones while learning online foreign language courses plays a very crucial role. The goals must be divided into short-term as well as long-term goals.

  • Goals make you more focused: You might be very capable of learning Arabic but until you divide it into goals nothing is going to happen. All of your hard work will go in vain if you are not focused. You can even learn quranic Arabic online at Ziyyara, with punctuality and determination.
  • Track your progress: You must see where you are going. Whether you are learning something or not.
  • Stay Motivated: You might commit mistakes in the beginning but keep on working hard. Learning a new language has never been easy, but with the best online Arabic language courses at Ziyyara, nothing is impossible.

Devote Time

You can easily speak, write and understand Arabic if you devote regular time to it. This can only be achieved if you enroll in an Arabic language course at Ziyyara. Our Arabic tutors are skilled and experienced. Some of the tutors are even native Arabic speakers. They will tell you the correct approach to learning the language without any hassle.

Learn the Arabic Language with Real-Life Situations

The tutors at Ziyyara take Online classes for Arabic by providing real-life situations to the students. The reason for teaching with a certain methodology is they understand the motive behind learning a new language. People often want to communicate in the second language that they learn. So under the guidance of a native speaker tutor of the Arabic language at Ziyyara, they get insight into the language.

Take help from the Supplemental Resources

You can also take help from folk songs, Arabic music, movies to get the real essence of Arabic. YouTube has proven to be the goldmine for getting multiple Arabic songs and fun videos. After taking your Online Arabic Class at Ziyyara, you can watch these videos to understand the lyrics in the Arabic language itself.

Last but not least to get critical success in online Arabic language learning you must be aware of Arabic grammar. About the verbs, nouns, and the writing patterns.