Top 6 RAS Preparation Tips – A Beginners Guide

Top 6 RAS Preparation Tips – A Beginners Guide

Do you want to crack the RAS exam on the first attempt?

The answer is yes, of course; who doesn’t want to crack this highly competitive exam on the first attempt.
Proper planning and strategy are required to be executed for increasing the chances of success. Lakhs of students are preparing hard, so there is no guarantee, but I assure you that following the tips we will discuss later in this article will surely help you prepare better.

Without any further discussion, let’s start.

  • Syllabus 

Before beginning the studies, you should know the syllabus. The syllabus of the RAS exam is vast, so you should note it down.

The mistake that most of the students make is that they prepare according to the books. In reality, the preparation should be as per the syllabus. Books contain more than what is required, which is just a waste of time. So you should cover topics according to the syllabus.

  • Study material and Coaching

After you know the syllabus, start gathering proper study material. RAS is a state-level exam of Rajasthan; the Rajasthan Board books that cover complete details of the geography, history, art, culture, and local language are important to study.

There are several Coaching that provides proper study materials. The Thought Tree is one such institute that offers exam-oriented material and has the best teachers who have either cracked the exam or are ex-government employees.

Good Coaching focuses on individual progress and helps its students throughout their journey. The Thought Tree comes out clean on every point that perfect Coaching possesses.

  • Time-table

Study without a proper timetable is a wastage of time. One can assume the timetable’s role as the difference between the selection and the disappointment.

We should make a timetable in which there are 8-10 hours of study, more than that is not advised. Giving some time for entertainment and having a proper 6-8 hours of sleep is necessary for the body. Otherwise, we feel lethargic and fatigue while studying, and our minds would not be able to grasp the knowledge.

  • Social Life and Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet helps in increasing the ability of the mind to remember things we read.

You must have heard that the students preparing for RAS/IAS have to quit their social life and sit at home and study all the time.

This is a fake rumour spread in society. The reality is that all the toppers meet their friends daily and go for outings and movies once a month. According to them, the change in the environment gives positive energy and refreshes the mind amidst the hectic study.

Eating fruits daily and going for early morning walks are some proven facts that help the students prepare.

  • Revision and Mock Tests

Once the course is completed, start revising the things. The more you revise, the better it gets.

The revision also has some strategies that no one cares about. Revision should be done so that the facts and figures are to be revised daily while some theoretical things can be left for the last days before the exam.
Along with proper revision giving mock tests helps analyse the progress, the position where the student stands.
Mocks help in knowing the strength and weaknesses. It gives the students a chance to overcome their weak points before appearing in the exam. So always join good coaching of RAS they will help you in this.

Previous year papers should also be solved to get an idea of the paper pattern and get used to the questions.

  • Notes and Current Affairs

Notes are an essential part of preparation. The things you write are remembered for a longer time.

Making proper notes help during the revision. Reading the important points again and not wasting time reading the complete topic.

On the other hand, current affairs need regular revision to set them in your mind.

Reading a newspaper daily helps in covering all the crucial events National or International. The Hindu and The Indian Express are good newspapers which you can read.


In the article, we have covered the points and tips that will help an aspirant in preparing for the RAS exam.
I hope these tips will benefit you in your journey of becoming a RAS officer.

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