Health and Fitness · May 2, 2019

Top 6 juices that clean your kidneys

Kidneys are the most vital and sensitive organs of the human body. They are located in upperparts of Andralene gland which is an endocrine gland. There are two kidneys located on two sides of human beings. They have an important role to play in the human body. Their important functions are to remove waste products from the blood, water level balancing, red blood cell regulation, blood pressure regulation and acid regulation in our body.  They remove the excess of toxins, excess salts, and urea from our body. Their important work is to separate urea from the blood. Most of the people have two kidneys, but the fact is that also a person can survive even on one kidney also.

Though they perform an important function in the human body, they are most vital organs also that is why they can get easily infected by diseases.

They can be infected by some diseases such as acute kidney disease, Chronic kidney disease etc.

Acute kidney disease occurs when there is sudden injury or damage occurred to your kidneys. This damage can occur by the uses of an excessive quantity of drugs. Kidney stones can damage the kidneys and leave them injured.

Another one is chronic kidney disease, this disease will occur when the kidney lost their working. Kidneys lose their capability to function normally. There can be different causes of this disease first one which is most important is damaged blood vessels due to high blood pressure and Diabetes. The second one is the failure of the immune system in the human body. Last but not least is the condition when kidneys did not have the capability to remove urine. This condition is known as reflux neuropathy.

Since kidneys are most vital and prone to diseases organ most people do not take proper care of their kidneys. If you feel that your kidneys health will remain forever. And you will ever lose your kidneys. Then there is a list of top six juices that can maintain the health of your kidneys eat them and save your kidneys. Read further below;

  • Beet juice

Beets are very beneficial for kidneys. The juices obtained from beet contain an element betaine. This element has antioxidant properties. It increases the acidity of urine thereby helps to clean the kidneys from calcium phosphate. It is an important function which betaine plays here the removal of kidneys helps the kidneys to remain free from kidney stones.

  • Lemon juice

Juice obtained from lemons is naturally acidic in nature. This juice has shown citrate level increase in urine. Increase in citrate level decreases the chances of formation of kidney stones. So this act is naturally cleaning agent for kidneys.

  • Spinach juices

A juice obtained from spinach is also healthier for kidneys. It helps to detoxify kidneys. Therefore, prevents the kidneys from all types of infections. Spinach is the powerhouse of food. It is also fully loaded with antioxidants and vitamins which help in removing toxins from kidneys.

  • Cranberry juice

The juice from this plant has been used from old times for the treatment of urinary infections. Scientific Research has also shown that cranberries help a person to fight urinary tract infections. They are very helpful in removing the excess of calcium oxalates from kidneys. Calcium oxalates are the major factor of the formation of stones in the kidneys. While you buy cranberry juice prefer to buy organic cranberry juice. That is free from added sugars, preservatives also.

You can also buy cranberry fruit and make a juice in your juicer mixer grinder at your home.

  • Carrot juice

Carrot juice is also beneficial for the health of kidneys. It relieves inflammation and flushes your kidneys. Carrots contain a sufficient amount of potassium which is important for the kidneys. Carrots can help in reducing hypertension as it contains potassium.

  • Juice from grapes

Grapes are not only useful for all parts of the body but are most helpful to toxins from kidneys. Grapes contain a beneficial plant compound called resveratrol. The research was conducted on animals and it was found that resveratrol compound is useful in lowering the inflammation of kidneys.  So if you make a juice of grapes in the juicer mixer grinder. Eat this juice two to three times a day your kidneys become healthy and strong.

Sometimes your kidney diseases can be from your ancestors, it can of the genetic organ also. Your doctor can see and help you to understand which diseases your kidneys have got. So see your doctor before you use these juices.