Home Decor · March 26, 2021

Top 3 kitchen cabinets with the best moisture and termite resistance

The kitchen cabinet functions to arrange the items used in the kitchen neatly and scientifically, this is also the main cooking area of ​​the kitchen. Therefore, contact with water as well as other solutions cannot be avoided. This can cause the cabinets to become perish or moldy, directly affecting the function and longevity of the kitchen. The following top 3 kitchen cabinets can effectively resist mold and termites.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets

Made of stainless steel, one of the most durable metals that can resist rust and corrosion. 100% stainless steel kitchen cabinets are not moldy, nor can they be attacked by each beetle. Among the kitchen cabinets that resist moisture and termites, the stainless steel kitchen cabinets are the first.

Of course, if only made from stainless steel materials, this type of kitchen cabinets often do not have too high aesthetics. Therefore, you can combine other materials to ensure quality, while ensuring the aesthetics and harmony with the kitchen interior.

Aluminum and glass kitchen cabinets

The cabinet model is made of powder-coated aluminum in combination with the glass for the cabinet. This material is neither warm nor moldy, nor is it attacked by fads.

Nowadays, aluminum and glass kitchen cabinets are usually painted with color in combination with tempered glass to have many new beautiful patterns, suitable for each different kitchen style and increase the reliability of the kitchen cabinet.

See sample: https://thegioimoc.vn/tu-bep-nhom-kinh.html

Plastic kitchen cabinets

Plastic kitchen cabinet with the structure of plastic – is a composite of wood pulp and plastic, along with additives to create resins that can resist mold and termites attack even though contact. to many countries.

Currently, there are many types of plastic materials for you to choose from, such as Picomat, Senko, Taiwan plastic, Pima, PVC. In which, Picomat is considered to be the best plastic.

Above are 3 types of kitchen cabinets that prevent termites and mold the best today Owning these types of kitchen cabinets, you will not worry about damage or mold that can damage the cabinet and reduce its life span. If you are interested in buying kitchen cabinets made from the above-mentioned materials, please contact The Gioi Moc company for our staff consultation, quotation as well as provide more information.