Top 10 Tips For First-Time Travellers In Varanasi

Top 10 Tips For First-Time Travellers In Varanasi

Varanasi is a chaotic yet beautiful place where faith, death and magic are a vivid part of daily life, and you can undoubtedly sense them in every alley and every corner of the ancient city. This place is known for being a cultural center of Northern India. Varanasi indeed is an incredible place where you can witness life-changing experiences and find peace in between all the chaos.

Visit this spiritual, mystical and crazy corner of India and take the help of the few tips given below to enjoy this fantastic place without losing your mind.

1. Spend The blissful time during the Ganga Aarti ceremony

In the late evenings, thousands of visitors come to the Dashashwamedh Ghat to witness the ceremony of Ganga Aarti that is traditionally performed by the Brahmins. This ceremony is deeply spiritual symbolizes surrendering the ego.

2. Don’t forget to Enjoy the boat ride

Explore the architecture of this ancient city from waters by taking up an enchanting experience of the boat ride. You will feel touched by the scenic beauty of the sun rising and thousands of people praying in the river.

3. Do not get into the waters

While some of the ghats are allowed for cremation, many others are used for washing body and clothes. Some are also used for curing leprosy. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from open waters to prevent catching some disease.

4. No party-worthy places

Varanasi is definitely not a place to eat and party. Though you can always enjoy the local street food and the amazing lassis. It is not a place to find a party, and therefore it will be best to save that for another city.

5. Early Waking Up is Mandatory

Go for walks early in the morning to explore the Ghats and capture the mesmerizing sunrise. In the morning, the city is very calm and peaceful, and you will come across many locations to click pictures. Early morning is the only time of the day when this destination is less chaotic, and you here silence. By the time it’s 8 AM, Varanasi is filled back with chaos.

6. No allowance to capture cremation pictures

This is a unique and holy time for family members. You might also notice some of their members clicking pictures with the deceased but make sure stash your camera/phones away.

7. Be aware of the cow poo that fills the alleys

Being a very religious city, the locals of Varanasi have great respect for their cows immensely. These cows are allowed to roam freely on the streets. This means that there is 10x more cow shit and you are bound to step on it accidentally at some point.

8. Try to cover up more than normal

Varanasi is known for its religious and spiritual essence. Many people come from around the country to die here. This is because it is believed that those who die here are bound to attain salvation. So being at a place like this where there are many funerals taking place around, make sure to cover yourself up a bit more than usual. There are chances that the ashes might fall on you so you will have less of skin cleanliness to be performed. Also, try wearing closed-toe shoes just for precaution.

9. Getting there is fun

Flying to Delhi is quite cheap, and on arrival, you can take a train to Varanasi. The train will have a stop at Allahabad from where you can continue your further journey by hiring a Rick. If you want to make your experience more exciting, you could also try the bike-rikshaw.

10. Take a good shower before you leave

The ashes present in the air, though invisible could land up on your skin and clothes. So, it is best that you take a long shower right away before you leave.

Some Final Words

So, these were some of the most important and handy tips while you travel to Varanasi. Indulge yourself in the spiritual bliss offered by this place but do not forget to have a look at the points above to have a good trip.

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