Health and Fitness · January 7, 2020

Tips to Start a Healthy Meal Delivery Business – Jake Hahnl

If you want to know how to start a healthy meal delivery business in the right place. It is no secret that health and fitness is one of the largest industries in the world, priced in the United States alone. It is also no secret that life gets increasingly busy as you enter the workforce, and it can be somewhat impossible for everyday people to cook healthy food that tries to avoid jobs, families and social life we do. Here Jake Hanel runs a business that includes cooking food and transporting it to people’s homes, including full meal preparation service and delivery. It is a healthy food delivery service, bringing delicious, nutritious and affordable food to the desks and offices of busy professionals who want to eat healthy food, but do not have the time to prepare and cook.

Here are some important tips on how to start your healthy meal and preparation business

Explore Your Target Market:

Find out how many office blocks and malls are in your vicinity and then find out which businesses operate in them. Try to find out how many employees work in each business, and gather as much information as possible. You can also use social media to gather information about potential individual customers who have interests such as fitness, nutrition and healthy living. Once you estimate the number of people you may be able to sell to, and find out how much amount you need at each meal as per your wish.

Get a Food Hygiene Certificate:

You need a license to operate any type of installation that distributes food to people. An inspector will have the possibility to visit your premises and certify your kitchen from which a food hygiene certificate will be obtained. It will need to be renewed annually. Make sure you have a professional-grade, safe and clean kitchen to prepare food. For more information on what permits and licenses, you need to operate a food and beverage business, see your state or country government website and contact the correct department to arrange an appointment.

Market Your Health Delivery Service:

This business will need to make your marketing approach multidimensional. There is no doubt that it will be necessary to have your own website with e-commerce capabilities as it will allow people to order online instantly. You will also need to arrive at work or in places where people are conscious about fitness and health, such as the gym, so consider e-mail outreach programs,

Internet advertising campaigns, cold calling, and subways and flying buses. Train stations, and possibly local radio and magazine advertisements are taking place.

Delivery Tips:

Do not forget that timely delivery is the key to running this business successfully. You need to find an economical way to deliver food to offices and buildings across your city. You can focus on a specific area to start to save on fuel costs and can use delivery teams that have access to mopeds, motorcycles and light vehicles, which are happy to operate on an ad hoc or contingency basis. As things move forward and business picks up, then it will be time to focus on a more formal delivery method.

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