Tips to Prevent Your Dog Tags Getting Tarnished

Tips to Prevent Your Dog Tags Getting Tarnished

Dog tag jewelry is the best kind of accessories that men can sport. In fact, this is one of the kinds that you can sport for both formal and informal occasions. They come in a variety of materials and you need to choose the one that is right for you. Customization and personalization options are also available for some of them. So you can add a picture or do some specifications in the design for your dog tag jewelries.

The most common varieties of the male dog tags jewelry that are worn on an everyday basis are the metal and the stainless steel ones. Though they do not tarnish or corrode away easily, it is important for you to take care of them and keep all the dog tags clean. Cleaning them will make them shinier just like when you got them for the first time. Even more important thing is to take some precautions so that they do not corrode or tarnish easily.

The following are the steps that you need to maintain for dog tag jewelry.

  • Avoid Using Perfume on Them

Using perfume is necessary, but don’t ever spray it over your dog tag necklace chain. Always spray your perfume before wearing your dog tag chain. This will prevent it from any kind of tarnish and discoloration.

  • Avoid Chlorinated Water

Swimming is great for you but not for your dog tag jewelry. You may love to spend time in the swimming pool for keeping yourself fit and fresh, but you should remember that the chlorine which is present in the water is bad for your jewelry. Always take them off before swimming.

  • Avoid Sweat and Perspiration

Another thing that is important for you to follow is to avoid sweat and perspiration while wearing male dog tags jewelry. And if it is impossible for you to avoid it, then make sure to clean it with a soft and clean piece of cloth.

  • Avoid Leaving them Open

It is important for you to keep all your dog tag jewelry in boxes and avoid leaving them open. The boxes that you are choosing must be air-tight so that no dust or air comes in contact with the jewelry pieces.

  • Avoid Stiff and Hard Cloth

While storing your dog tag necklace chain, try to avoid using a hard cloth. It might get scratched into the jewelry pieces and also can get discolored. Always use soft cloth pieces like velvet or silk to keep your metal and stainless steel dog tags just like new.

  • Avoid Keeping them Together

It is always good to keep the dog tag chain necklace in separate air-tight boxes rather than storing them altogether because the jewelry may get damaged.

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