Home Decor · August 20, 2022

Tips To Know While Painting Your Kitchen

Painting is the way to go if you want to spruce up your home. Now, suppose you’re done with your bedrooms and lounge and are looking to refresh your kitchen. Be sure to invest in services offered by experienced Annapolis painters to ensure that you get the best remodeling for your kitchen space. With the average salary of a painter being $21.07 per hour, you can hire professionals at affordable rates in Annapolis to help you paint your kitchen.

Here’s how professional painters can help.

Making a Personalised Plan for Painting

Kitchens are more challenging to maneuver around and paint than any other room. Since you can effectively clean out most rooms, leaving a significant amount of open space, kitchens aren’t the same. Even emptying your kitchen, you cannot remove all the shelving units or countertops. These cabinets and other fixed appliances can pose an obstacle while painting. Thus, your painter will make sure to sequence the orders of painting accordingly to optimize the process and reduce resources on prep and clean-up.

They Will Clean Out Your Kitchen

Once you hire experts to tackle your kitchen, you no longer need to be worried about the outcome. They will start by removing all your gadgets and unplugging your appliances. Be sure to empty your refrigerator before it’s moved into another room to avoid damage.

Next, they will get rid of all dishes and food items from your kitchen and adjoining pantry. Then, they proceed to cover your stove tops, ovens, and counters while tarping and laying down some old clothes to catch any drips. You’ll see them reaching out for high-quality painter’s tape and running it along the edges and all the trimming to prevent paint from seeping into the flooring and help you get clean edges later on.

They Will Offer Waterproofing Solutions

Since the kitchen space can be exposed to lots of water and other liquids, it’s always better to invest in effective waterproofing and flooring solutions to protect it. It will keep the flooring safe and prevent any liquids from seeping into the structure, preventing any lasting damage and reducing safety concerns.

Moreover, your painters will also guide you to contractors providing high-quality chimney options. It will keep the area well-ventilated to avoid oil or grime from building up on the walls. Since salaries for Annapolis painters can go as high as $53,079 and as low as $20,338, you can find a wide range of kitchen painting solutions to fit your budget.

 Prep Your Kitchen For The Paint

Since Annapolis is the capital of Maryland state, locating an ideal painting service provider with the right skills and techniques won’t be difficult for residents. If you, too, want to get a flawless paint job, hire these color experts to prep and prime your walls before painting.

They will ensure to wipe all the places to remove dirt, dust, and oil from the walls. Then, they proceed to fill in any holes, cracks, or nicks using putty. It is followed by some quick sanding to strip off old paint and smoothen the texture of your walls before painting.

Next, they will move to prime your walls and other areas to be painted with the proper primers. It prevents any blotchiness or staining for a clean look. Opting for professional services is ideal since it ensures quality with no comprise. They will invest in the highest-quality materials like paints, primers, de-glossers, and other tools.

 Final Words

Whether it’s to paint your whole house or tackle your kitchen, reach out to these trained professionals to help you achieve your desired look. From the best waterproofing solutions to a clean paint job, you elevate your kitchen with these renovations.

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