Tips to cover Vitiligo with Makeup

Tips to cover Vitiligo with Makeup

Vitiligo is a condition where your skin starts developing or forming white patches. These patches are formed due to the loss of pigmentation in your skin. The pigmentation or melanin loss usually occurs due to the destruction of the melanocyte cells. These cells are responsible for the formation of skin colour in our bodies. These white patches can occur in any part of the body from under eye to even toes. 

Till now there is no specific treatment that gives a 100% recovery guarantee. There are various treatments but melanin formation takes months to years. Everyone has a different skin type and which reacts distinctly to every treatment. Fighting this condition can be very difficult. It might not be easy to go out with these patches, especially if they’re on your hands or face. It is important to not lose self-confidence, so to help there are various remedies to cover these patches. 

Vitiligo Makeup

One of the most trending remedies is Vitiligo makeup. It has helped so many people gain back their confidence. It blends perfectly with your skin and if done correctly, can even hide the patch perfectly. 

Here are some makeup tips to cover your vitiligo patch easily:

1. Prepare your skin

The most important step before using makeup is to gently cleanse it. You should be gentle to your skin always. The area where the skin has developed patches, becomes very sensitive, rubbing the patches harshly might hurt them or turn them red. Use a mild face wash to clean your skin, and then moisturize it. Moisturizing is important for every skin before applying makeup. The next step is to use a primer, it will give your skin an even texture and smooth texture. This will help the foundation sit properly and evenly on the skin.

2. Choose your foundation and concealer

Selecting the right shade of foundation is the most important step. The right shade of the foundation means choosing a foundation similar to your skin tone. It is a must too so your face’s skin tone matches with your body. Choose a trusted makeup brand as cheap products might have reactions. Talking about the concealer, it should always be a tone darker. A darker shade helps conceal your vitiligo patch. Now that you’re ready with the foundation and concealer, start first with the concealer. 

  1. Take a few drops of concealer on your hand and gently dab it on the vitiligo patch. 
  2. Keep repeating it until the patch is of the same shade as your skin. 
  3. After concealing, apply a coat of foundation and check if it has evenly blended your patches and rest of the skin. 
  4. You can apply a few thin layers of the foundation until it sits evenly on all the area around the patch.

 3. Powder it out

To let the makeup stay for a longer duration, you need to apply powder over the skin. Using a translucent powder over the skin is a must in the process of applying vitiligo makeup. Too many layers of foundation can make skin look oily or patchy. To reduce the oiliness, applying a translucent powder is a must. Just use a brush to apply powder and gently dust out the excess.  

4. Fix your brows

When you apply foundation on your skin, it can leave some residue on the brows and lips. To give your face a better-defined look, fix your brows with an eyebrow brush. Use a light or any lip shade suiting your look. Also, remember to line your eyebrows and fill them consistently for an even look.

5. Use a fixer

Every makeup is incomplete without a makeup fixer spray. No one would ever want to see their makeup get ruined due to sweat or humidity. Applying a fixer after finishing makeup is like a covering on your skin to protect your makeup when going out. It holds it together and helps makeup stay longer. 

 This was a regular guide to vitiligo makeup. Try it out and face the world boldly. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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