Shopping · September 27, 2021

Tips on Styling Your Toddler


Whoever says only adults can manage to have a great fit and flaunt it off social media is wrong. If anything, babies can probably pull off more styles and trends than adults because of their secret weapon: their cuteness!

The best thing about style is that it’s for everyone, even for your toddler. You can mix and match baby clothes and keep them stylish and on the go. These days, there are various ways to dress them, and they also have different varieties of clothes. Whether they are in bodysuits, rompers, onesies, t-shirts, and even swimwear, your toddler can wear anything that would fit them best without compromising the comfortability.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when shopping for your baby.

Simple Is Better

Yes, you read it right. Many people might think that simple is boring. However, simple clothes are better for toddlers. This is because dressing them in simple clothes like rompers or onesies accentuate their cute features.

However, simple does not mean you forget elegance. Many clothing boutiques can make the most adorable clothes in quality fabric that would never put your baby’s skin in harm. Baby clothes nowadays focus on bringing out the best in your toddlers without compromising their comfortability. Dressing them in a cute but simple outfit made of gentle fabric like linen or cotton can highlight their innocent charm—without you having to hear your toddler cry because of uneasiness.

Accessorise and Highlight

Accessorising does not mean overdressing your toddler. It means giving them complementary accessories that go well with their usual outfits. This includes hair bands, hats, beanies, and shoes while matching it with the style of the clothes.

Hats, beanies, and shoes are essential for your toddlers because the weather will not always be by your side. You may need your baby’s hats during a sunny day, beanies on a chilly winter, and of course, shoes before going outside for a walk.

These accessories have always been there, but accessorising means choosing these accessories and putting a new, stylish touch on them depending on the occasion or the event. You may opt for hats and beanies that would match the colour of your baby’s clothes or shoes that are fit for the occasion. You may opt for sandals when they are walking in a park, sneakers on a playground, or slides on a usual day.

Pair It With Personality

You know your baby best, and dressing them in clothes that fit their personality could be a talent you have in you. You have an eye for what fits them better and what would make them look good because you have memorised your toddler’s personality. Even for adults, clothes are the best way to show off their uniqueness and style. Fortunately, you can also do this for your toddler!

You may opt to dress your baby in a way that would accentuate their face. You can, for example, make your baby girl wear a romper or a dress, or mix and match your baby boy’s shirts and shorts. As their parent, you would know what is best and most comfortable for them.

Styling your toddler’s clothes is not a hard feat, especially if you have the clothes that would complement their personality. You might not be aware of it yet, but you could be helping your toddler discover the style that would fit them best as they grow up.