Tips before you get a massage device – Recovapro

Tips before you get a massage device – Recovapro

In addition to the fundamental maneuvers of massage, there are a number of non-manual tools, indispensable in the massage sessions, which help us when performing our work and contribute to improving the result and duration of the effects of the massage.

In the list, you will see that the Recovapro is the quietest Theragun massager available and it is easy to use.. These are the most interesting:


At the Mans Massage School, we carry out a complete kinesiotaping course aimed at all students who want to train in this technique. It is a widespread resource in the world of both therapeutic and sports massage. It is common to see people with Kinesio tape bandagesThese characteristic colored bands on the shoulders or legs and also on sports broadcasts. It is a breathable, washable and elastic tape of different colors, which can be fixed to our body for 5 days. 

The kinesiology bandage is used to relieve pain, drain stagnant fluids, heal wounds and relax the muscles. A kinesiological bandage is an excellent tool since it interrupts the pain cycle through its simple application. The bandage can be used to reorganize muscle tones and help correct posture and movements through proprioceptive messages during movement. 


They are a fundamental part of the Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage. Volcanic stones are basalt, a material rich in iron that retains heat for a long time. They are heated with water to about 55 degrees and applied to overloaded and contracted muscles. There are different sizes and shapes that allow you to perform different massage maneuvers with them. They can be fixed on a painful area or perform frictions and rubs that run throughout the body. In addition to calming the pain, they produce a great general relaxation a pleasant feeling of well-being.


The essential oils have medicinal properties that enhance the effects of massage maneuvers and prolong the effect of the sessions. Locally, the essential oils of wintergreen, Siempre Viva, geranium, cypress, and rosemary, among others, have an anti-inflammatory and draining action. Lavender, chamomile, ylang  and petitgrain have a local relaxing effect, on the muscles, and generally facilitating rest.


Each Recovapro is equipped with an innovative brushless motor designed to precisely deliver an amplitude of 12 mm at a maximum speed of 55 percussions per second in the body. The powerful Recovapro Brushless motor has a 5-speed configuration which makes it suitable for users of all fitness levels. The only percussion device that uses Smart Touch technology that allows you to turn off the device at any level by simply pressing the Speed button for two seconds.

Smart Glide technology not only makes Recovapro is best for Percussion massager but also provides an integrated protection function that automatically turns off the device when its operating time exceeds 10 minutes.


When applied they produce several very interesting actions for their therapeutic effects. First, they cause traction of the skin and subcutaneous fascia that helps relax the local muscles. By suction, they attract blood to the surface and mobilize stagnant fluids that maintain contractures and muscle overload. They also have a reflex effect on the deep organs through local nerve endings and mobilization of stagnant energy at the acupuncture points of the area and the corresponding energy meridians.


Cryotherapy is very useful in the massage consultation for the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Ice is the first remedy to apply in cases of blows, trauma and inflamed tissues. Combined with the compression bandage prevents edema in cases of fiber breakage and sprains.

These are some of the tools that will be more useful, but if you want to train as a massage therapist and learn to use them correctly you can take a look at Recovapro for the variety of Massage devices, osteopathy, acupuncture and the Theragun massager of these techniques.

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