Digital marketing · March 2, 2021

Three ways to make sure your brand is recognisable

No matter where you go, you are probably not very far away from a logo. Whether it is shopping for a tool in a DIY store, to picking where to eat at the food hall of a mall or even your kitchen cupboards, you are probably likely to spot at least a few logos wherever you look. This is because brands are massively important to businesses when it comes to gaining new customers and keeping hold of existing customers. When it comes to buying a product a customer has never bought before, they are more likely to want to spend money on a product from a brand they recognise than a brand which they have never heard of and have no idea how good a quality product they make. As a company’s brand is so important, here are some of the ways you can make sure your brand is recognisable.

Wear and display your logo with pride in as many places as possible

The best way to make sure your brand is recognisable is to increase the chances of spotting your brand. For example, of course a cereal company is going to have their logo on their cereal box, so you know when you see it on the grocery store shelf it is made by that company. As well as this, it is highly likely they will put it on all of their adverts, the side of the vans that deliver the product to stores and even on free merchandise that they might give away to their customers. Find a company, like BrandRageous!, that can print your logo on high quality merchandise for your staff and your customers. This could be anything from a hoodie, a hat, a travel mug or even the pen you hand clients to sign documents. You could even target fans of specific hobbies with special merchandise, for example create foam fingers for sports fans to wear in stadiums. The more places you put your brand, the more chance you have of your brand being spotted by a potential customer.

Make it as unique as possible

Now your brand will be seen by lots of people, it is important that all of that hard work does not go to waste. It is important that any potential customer is able to tell the difference between one of your logos and one of your rival’s logos. Try and make your design as unique as possible. Before committing to a design, make sure it does not use any fonts, colours or shapes that are similar to the ones that your rivals are using in their logos.

Make it clear

As well as making it recognisable, make it clear. Try and reduce the amount of information on the logo to only the things that it is vital the customer remembers. For example, the National Broadcasting Company does not put their full name at the start of their shows as they know it is probably not displayed long enough for you to be able to read the full name. Instead, they just include their initials NBC in clear block capitals below the iconic peacock so you can quickly know it is a show produced by that channel.