Shopping · August 19, 2022

Things To Look Into When You’re In The Market For Plus Size Activewear

It’s not uncommon to see that plus-size activewear has become one of the most common types of clothes that women in Australia have in their wardrobes. Not to mention how plus size activewear in Australia is now slowly becoming the new trend in fashion, allowing people with larger bodies to feel confident in their skin. Plus size activewear is essential because plus size bodies have a major problem getting the right fit in the Australian modern fashion industry, where clothes are tailored to a specific standard size. High-quality activewear must be made with comfortability and functionality, which goes for all body shapes and sizes.

With plus-size clothing now a significant market in the country, people may have a hard time finding the right one among hundreds of thousands of designs and styles. But don’t worry! These pointers mentioned below will help customers find the right plus-size activewear in Australia that is not only supportive but also durable and reliable when leading an active lifestyle.

Things To Consider When Buying Plus Size Activewear

  1. When choosing leggings or jogging pants, go for high-waisted designs as this will be more comfortable in keeping the flabby stomach tucked in and allows the wearers to be more in control when working out. High-waisted models usually have thicker and sturdy waistbands preventing the leggings or pants from going down and causing a wardrobe malfunction. Well anchored bottoms will also support the core while remaining secure all the time.
  2. Plus size activewear in Australia doesn’t necessarily have to be skin tight, but the fabric has to be breathable. Since most users have larger body shapes than normal size, the normal-sized clothes will get stretched, constricting the skin during workouts if the fabric is tight. Furthermore, the skin-tight fabric can be transparent, revealing the outlines and shades of any undergarments to the eye. Go for materials that can accommodate large sizes and still perform well without wearing them down.
  3. Speaking of skin tightness, the level of compression in plus-size activewear is something everyone needs to consider. Low compression is more stretchy and gives more freedom of movement, whereas high compression is a bit more snug and firm. Low compression activewear is perfect for physical pursuits such as running and yoga. High compression activewear is more suited for fashion and light routines, smoothing out any uneven areas on a curvy woman and giving the body a smoother look.
  4. Go for sweat-proof fabric as moisture during workouts can stick onto the activewear, causing chafing and irritability. Plus-sized women tend to sweat more since they move with more weight, and the loose skin can create more sweat in the folds and creases. Since plus-size activewear hugs the body a bit more than regular activewear, sweat-wicking fabric keeps the body cool and dry during the workouts.
  5. Most stores don’t have accurate measurements for plus-sized bodies, so take a thorough measurement of the hips, waist, shoulders and others first. Compare the sizes with that of the activewear designed for plus-size women and check the fitting charts as prescribed by the standards set in Australia. Since most plus-size activewear sizing varies from company to company, it’s important to try them on first and see how they fare before finalising the purchase.

Above all, go for comfortability and functionality instead of design and don’t be shy when considering fitting clothes that hug the curves. It’s easy to feel insecure and go for baggy clothes to hide those insecurities, but there’s no need for that anymore.

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