Business · November 21, 2019

Things to Look for in a Microsoft Implementation Partner

Microsoft retains an irreplaceable reputation in its field. There is no doubt regarding the efficiency and competence of the company and its products. So, when it comes to choosing the right business solutions, the clients are just one step away. However, they still face many operational difficulties and loss of data during implementation, upgrade or post implementation. Why is that? What can help you to avoid these issues?

The answer is connected to the reason why you are suffering at the first place: choosing the implementation partner. As already mentioned, choosing Microsoft as the manufacturer of business solution is the easy part. The hard part is choosing the right implementation partners who will make the process of implementation, upgrade, or data transfer etc. easy and intact.

To make sure that you choose the right one, check for the following in a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner:

  1. Competency: It is undeniable that having a partner who has a noticeable experience and skill in dealing with the problems and specifications of your industry, makes the process of implementation and upgrade much convenient and efficient. This is because they know your system, to some extent, beforehand. Microsoft uses competency logos to specify area of the respective partner’s excellence. Thus, when you make the choice, make sure the partner has competency in the fields that you need help with.
  2. Experience: The more your Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner has experience with Microsoft Business Solutions and their implementations; the better is their performance as service providers. This is furthermore facilitated when your chosen partner has better experience in your specific industry. As they already know the highs and the lows of your industry, they can help you with fruitful and productive advices and industry specific solutions.
  3. Services offered: Not every Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner provides the same services. It is to be kept in mind that the policies of different companies vary from one another. As a client and user of Microsoft Business Solutions, one mostly needs help in the areas of implementation, customization, and integration with other systems etc. Thus, an implementation partner must be willing to and equipped provide services in these areas. Also, you must make sure that they provide post implementation services.
  4. Evaluation skills: It is important to understand that different companies have different needs. They need business-specific and industry-specific functionalities. Thus, one needs to make sure that the partner they are choosing for the implementation of Microsoft Business Solution is client-focused. In other words, they must be able to evaluate the needs of respective businesses and must realize what kind of improvisations would take the company further in its industry.
  5. Involvement with the clients: Besides the service providers, you too need to estimate the needs of your business or company which will give you the idea of your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, some companies can manage their own training and user adoption while some companies don’t. If you can manage the mentioned processes on your own, you might as well choose a partner who tends to remain aloof post-implementation. However, if you cannot manage training and user adaptation on your own, you should choose a partner that has a thorough involvement policy with its clients.
  6. Communication: Starting from Microsoft Dynamics CRM demo to implementation and later support, what you must claim without any compromise from your implementation partner, is transparency. This transparency is ensured through regular communication which builds trust and fosters a healthy relationship between the client and the implementation partner.
  7. Relationship with ISV: ISV stands for independent software vendors. They can develop and sell applications that can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, seamlessly, as Microsoft Business Solutions are mostly ISV friendly. This can benefit your system by providing additional functionalities and features. To utilize these added advantages, you must choose a partner who has a good connection with the relevant ISVs.

Since the Microsoft Dynamics Implementation partners are the ones you need throughout the process of implementation, starting from Microsoft Dynamics CRM demo, it is in your best interest to choose someone who will prove to be productive and encouraging. The growth of your business largely depends on the partners. Thus, be wise and choose only the one who will serve you best.


This article focuses on all the factors that users or clients must consider before hiring a Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner. It informs the readers, in details, about the impact of the factors on their performance as well.