Home Decor · August 24, 2021

Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting Switches

Switch and Socket

Some might think that a thing as small as a switch might not need so much detail and attention while shopping. However, that is not true. 

We’re not saying that buying a switch is a hassle, but it sure does require some criteria that need to tick the box. 

Hence, before you shop online for switches next time, make sure that you keep in mind the below five factors.  

Decide On the Type of Switch 

With the world advancing and the growth in technology, various types of switches are available in the market that you can choose from. You can pick from the conventional kind or modular switches for homes, offices, and other domestic and commercial spaces. There is a wide range of modular switches as well that you can select from. 

Apart from this, the switches are also categorized based on the poles and throws. Hence it is important that you have a complete understanding of the different types of switches before settling on one. 

Current Rating 

The current rating is the maximum current that a fuse can carry for an uncertain period without too much deterioration of the fuse element. It is an important factor that you need to consider while buying electrical switches and sockets. Hence, you must have a clear idea about your requirement and application of the switch before making a purchase. There are different ratings. For instance:

  • 6A/10A – for lights and fans
  • 16A/20A – heavier lights, moderate power consumption appliances like TV, cooler, etc.
  • 25A/32A – heavy appliances like geysers, air-conditioners, etc.


It’s a given that electrical appliances, be it switch boards, electric sockets, or switches, safety is of utmost importance. Hence, you must ensure that the switches you buy are made of retardant material. The sockets must be shuttered to avoid any accidental exposure of children to electrical current. This can be ensured by checking for a genuine ISI mark on the switch.

Reliability and Longevity 

High-quality modular switches operate for a longer period of time than the ordinary ones. Hence, you won’t have to go through the hassle of replacing switches now and then. Additionally, it also saves money, time, and effort. It is always best to select from reliable brands that have guaranteed products. Most of the switches’ range includes a lifespan of more than 2,00,000 clicks that can last you a lifetime.


This factor is often overlooked by many. You must know that even a tiny detail can make or break the decor of your homes and corporate offices. Moreover, there are many designed switches in various hues and finishes, like matte and glossy finishes. If you want to augment your walls, don’t sidetrack this factor. 

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