The Wide Difference between Top Tempered Glass Vs Plastic Screen Protector

The Wide Difference between Top Tempered Glass Vs Plastic Screen Protector

Touchscreens of Smartphones are fragile and prone to damages.  We know for a fact that broken touchscreens are one of the common forms of Smartphone damage these days. But we are fortunate enough that we don’t have to shell out huge amount of money to protect the touchscreens of Smartphones.
There are screen protectors and guards in the market.  Wholesale screen protector manufacturers are coming out with various options.

The screen protector market is mainly divided into two sections A) Tempered Glass Screen Protector and B) Plastic Screen Protector.

So, the comparison comes into the forefront – Tempered Glass Vs Plastic Screen Protector

With this comparison, you will find it easier to choose the screen protector that suits your needs.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Tempered glass screen protectors are attracting more buyers these days due to their unique properties.  Generally, this type of screen protectors is made with highest quality material and provides strengths and protection to your original screen.


The strengths of a tempered glass screen protector is way better than its plastic version

Tempered glass screen protector with Oleophobic coating that can repel oil, dirt and smudges.

Tempered glass screen protectors are much sturdier than plastic screen protectors

Fingers can glide more smoothly on a tempered glass screen thus offering a better user experience

You receive the same amount of clarity with a tempered glass screen as your original phone screen

Easy to clean surface

There are tempered glass screen protectors that give edge-to-edge screen protection

The tempered glass screen protector has shatterproof quality

Even, if the screen protector does break; the glass shards are never going to hurt people as they are kept in place without harming the phone.

Not Good Factors

On the other hand, there are some tempered screen manufactures who charge much higher than usual making the price of tempered glass screen protectors significantly more expensive than traditional plastic screen protectors. Furthermore, because of the added thickness provided by a tempered glass screen protector, some phone cases may not fit properly, or the home button of the phone itself may seem more indented

Plastic Screen Protectors

Plastic screen protectors are the more traditional choice for those who wish to cover their phone screens without breaking the bank.


In general Plastic Screen, protectors are a lot cheaper than tempered glass screen protectors

Plastic screen protectors have the added benefit of being easily cut or trimmed to fit any phone.

This cannot be done with a glass screen protector.

Plastic protectors also come in a variety of texture options, ranging from smooth to matte. Some even have a built-in privacy screen that will prevent people from peering over your shoulder to see your phone screen.

Not Good Factors

Plastic screen protectors are typically thinner than tempered glass ones, making them more prone to scratches and failure.

They can also be difficult to apply,

One mistake in the application could lead to the formation of bubbles or other imperfections on the surface of the screen protector itself.

Plastic screen protectors are less scratch resistant than the tempered glass full-coverage alternative

Over time, small scratches that make it through plastic covers can cause larger broken.

Plastic screen protectors tend to reduce the clarity of touchscreens

Plastic screen protectors smudge with fingerprints and skin oil

Curved edges of your Smartphones are not getting covered by Plastic screen protectors.  Because these screen protectors can’t stick to the edges, they actually keep more areas unprotected

The Verdict

Tempered Glass Screen Protector is always a Better Choice

Tempered glass screen protectors are made by superheating glass and rapidly cooling it and as a result, glass endures both extreme heat and then rapid cooling the glass becomes incredibly strong. Tempered glass screen protectors contain multiple layers and those compressed layers create a heat and scratch resistant capacity that is at least five times stronger than normal glass.


MPG‘s tempered glass screen protector is sleek, gives maximum image clarity, excellent touchscreen sensitivity, scratch resistant. And 9H hardness, the scratch-resistant surface provides high shock resistance. Oleophobic coating offers a smudge-free, easy-to-clean screen. Installation is simple and bubble-free. So, why don’t you try?
Oh yes, it’s not expensive like other tempered glass screen protector.

Hopefully, our tips will help you to make the right decision by assessing your needs and budget before purchasing a screen protector for your phone.

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