The Unique Experience of Travelling By Caravan

Australia is a country for those with a caravan and a spirit of adventure. The open road lures you. Any caravan owner would share pretty much the same sentiment. Campers and caravans give you the freedom to go where you want when you want.

Caravan manufacturers are keen on packing their vehicles with features like miniature kitchens and beds that transform into dinner tables so that you have modern luxuries while enjoying the wild outdoors.

Whether you rent or buy a caravan, travelling opens you up to a new level of freedom and spontaneity.

Love the cliff overlooking the beach? Find a spot where camping is allowed, park yourself there for the night and enjoy the incredible view for another day. When you’re done with it, pack up and hit the road to the next beautiful spot. Life couldn’t be better!

There are many reasons people love caravanning so let’s delve more into why travelling by caravan is a unique experience.

It reconnects you with nature

It’s a chance for you to get in touch with nature. If you’re one of those people who consider a barbeque in the backyard as “the great outdoors,” then you need to open yourself up to caravanning. Imagine having that BBQ in a bigger backyard, and a different backyard every week.

Take a walk in the Aussie wilderness, wake up by the beach or sing with the wind – go wherever you want and do whatever your heart tells you, this is your adventure.

It allows you to choose your place and time

You’re literally in the driver’s seat and have the freedom to choose where you want to go.

If spending the night in the wilderness far away from the bustling city noise is something that captures your imagination, you can set off and do it.

It allows you to plan a smart itinerary for your days and arrive at your destination early to enjoy the sights without having to wait in long queues. Skip the busy times, the school holidays or Christmas. Head off the grid and soak up the serenity all by yourself.

You’ll start to enjoy the long haul

Whether it’s campgrounds, the outback or sandy beaches, if you’re comfortable, you can unpack and settle in. Stay at a place as long as you like, there’s no need to book in and check out every few nights. If there’s an amazing hike you want to take, extend your stay and try it out.

This freedom is enjoyed better when you have someone to enjoy it with. Be it a partner, family members, friends or the dog, it makes better with some company.

You’ll learn to be at home anywhere

Downsizing your life into 6 square metres could be a little restrictive at first. You might bump your head and jab an elbow a few times, but you’ll start feeling at home before you realise it.

Enjoy your mornings with a sip of coffee totally custom-made for yourself and spend your days moving to the beat of your own drums. You’ll be totally relaxed and feel one with your surroundings. Everywhere will start to feel like home.

Try the minimalist lifestyle

The uniqueness of caravan life is not limited to the amazing places you visit and the people you meet. When you spend a lot of time in such a little space, what you might realise is that you need only a little to be happy.

You’ll learn to appreciate things that can’t be bought – the sun rising between the mountains, waking up to the rustling of leaves and chirping of birds, watching the waves rise and crash while sipping your favourite drink on the beach. Once you realise how comfortable you are with a minimalist lifestyle, you can get rid of the non-essentials and travel even lighter.

Loving alfresco dining

When you travel in a caravan, you have everything to prepare a camping meal using Australia’s fresh local produce. The best part is that you get to stop whenever you see fresh vegetables, meat and other raw materials and buy them to make the meal you always wanted to.

Throw together your own gourmet meal to enjoy outside under a million stars, by the beach or in the wilderness of the Aussie outback. This kind of dining is going to be an experience you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Meet new people

On a road trip, it is almost inevitable that you’ll come across many other travellers who have also chosen the caravan life, like you. You might feel shy or inexperienced to open up to your neighbours in the parking lot. But it’s only a matter before you’ll start enthusiastically swapping stories and sharing a few beers with them.

It is an excellent opportunity for you to ask for their recommendations on the places and best routes they have camped. The information might save you a lot of time figuring out where to go and plan for the journey.

Caravanning life can be the perfect way to just be. You do what you want, eat what you want and be where you want. What could be more delightful than being able to pull over at a lovely spot, fling open the side door and make a brew!

Taking your kitchen, your bed and your attitude with you wherever you go opens up a whole new level of experience. Whatever adventure it throws at you, whatever happens along the way, travelling by caravan is an experience you’ll never forget.

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