The Ultimate Exterior Painting and Maintenance Checklist

The Ultimate Exterior Painting and Maintenance Checklist

Your property looks as good as new having just been re-painted a couple of years ago; appearing as smooth and clean as it did the first time; is there anything you need to do to ensure there are no cracks behind the curtains? Pun intended! Making an exterior painting and maintenance checklist would be step 1!


Why is this checklist needed? Because change is the only constant. Over the course of time, with the change in weather, infestations, smoke, dirt, pollution, generic wear and tear, a property requires a thorough check up as well just like our bodies.


So, how should your exterior painting and maintenance checklist look like?

#1 Take a thorough gander:

Even if you secured services of the best exterior painting San Diego, walking around your property’s perimeter with eyes wide open will do you no harm. It won’t just allow you to visually see, but hear and small potential arrears as well.


#2: Check for Wood Rot

Even the best interior painters San Diego may overlook this aspect; which calls for you to be extra thorough. You need to identify and fix weaker softwood instances in areas that are high-risk like window frames, door, siding, etc.


#3 Watch out for lasting leaks.

There’s a substantial difference between a one-off leak and a persistent one. The latter may not be temporary at all; which makes it your responsibility to nip in the bud before it becomes more problematic in terms of poor or damaged plumbing.


#4 Stucco Repair

Every crack that is wide enough to slip a credit card through demands immediate attention, before it becomes a haven for moisture, pests, or other intrusion types.


#5 Stains and Finishes

Painting in San Diego is important; but even more important is regular finishing and staining of the exterior woodwork, saving your exteriors from wood rot, water damage, pests, etc.


#6 Total Paint Failure = Too Late!

Regular and thorough maintenance is not only more cost-effective but induces efficiency and durability in the long run, as opposed to waiting for total paint failure and starting from scratch. 


#7 Check all air-conditioning units

Non-summer time is the ideal time to do a good hygiene check of all the air conditioners on account of compressors, coils, control boxes, and refrigerant levels. Without maintenance, the appliance life substantially reduces along with the performance. Check for any abnormal or louder noises near the air conditioners.


Whether you’ve recently indulged in Interior or Painters san diego, preparing and using such a painting and maintenance checklist will help retain and further improve your property value as the years go by.

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