Health and Fitness · June 21, 2019

The Ultimate Checklist for Packing Your Swim Gear Essentials

Whether it’s a tournament or your first tryout for the swimming team, keeping your swim gears and essentials prepared should always be on top of your advantage. Swimwear and towels are the most obvious belongings to carry on your checklist but you will most likely be needing a few more things, too. This way helps ensure that you have the best possible experience at the pool. We all overlook some essentials until we experience needing them in the middle of a crisis. It includes easily forgotten items such as locker money and training aids.

Never forget any essentials again with this ultimate checklist of what you must bring to the pool.

Swimming Stuff to Wear:

☑ Swimwear

First on the list is the most obvious thing you’ll need to bring: a swimwear. It can be a swimming costume, custom rash guards, trunks, shorts, t-shirt and/or leggings. Since you have many options here, find a design that will be comfortable for laps, drills, or anything else you might fancy giving a go. Or you can also check your pool guidelines regarding the type of swimwear it bans or allows.

☑ Robe

If you don’t feel comfortable about walking around the poolside in your swimwear, it is a good idea to bring a towelling robe to cover you up and keep your body warm.

☑ Towel

In case the pool is not providing a towel for swimmers, you can choose to bring your own as it is essential for drying off after swimming. Packing a moist towel can cause a bulky and heavy bag which is not ideal for hand carrying, especially when you have other bags to take. Look for a towel that’s quick-drying and that won’t weigh you down.

☑ Swimming Cap

Some instructors and coaches require the use of swimming caps while performing the exercise. Swimming caps can be useful if you have this long hair that keeps on covering your face when you swim. They also reduce ‘drag’ to make swimming a bit easier.

☑ Goggles

The chlorine in the water can hurt your eyes and distract you from moving; so, it’s smart to bring your goggles every time you need them. Using goggles is the only way forward when it comes to protecting your eyes from chlorine. Foggy lenses can be annoying too. So you might choose a pair of goggles with anti-fog lenses. To protect the anti-fog layer of your lenses, gently wash in lukewarm water after a swim and store your goggles in their protective pouch.

Other Things to Bring:

☑ Toiletries

Taking a shower before and after swimming is vital. A scrub of shampoo on your hair and antibacterial shower gel for the body would be helpful in washing away the chlorine and other chemicals from the pool. You can also bring your moisturiser to avoid getting dry, flaky skin due to the usual effect of chlorine.  

☑ Poolside Shoes or Slippers

You may not feel comfortable walking barefoot on the poolside or you may have a concern about slipping on a wet, muddy floor. If that’s your case, throw in a pair of flip-flops or rubber sandals to protect your feet and avoid sliding incidents.

☑ Hair Clips

For girls with annoying strands of baby hair, a swimming cap wouldn’t be enough. Bring hair clips or pins to hold your hair in place.  

☑ Bottled Water

Water is probably the most important item to bring. You may not know how much you sweat or lose water when you swim. Always keep your bottled water at the poolside so you can easily take sips whenever you need to. Remember, even a 2% loss in water content can start to negatively affect your brain, causing you to lose alertness and feel tired.

☑ Locker Money

Your pool might already provide you with locker spaces to keep your belongings while you swim but some pools usually require coins. Stash a few coins in a small zipped pocket in your bag in case you’ll need it.