The Pros And Cons Of Different Mattress

 The Pros And Cons Of Different Mattress

When you shop for a mattress and visit a showroom, you are likely to get overwhelmed with the number of choices you have. It may be possible that the over-enthusiastic and determine salesman may try to steer you towards buying a kind of mattress you may not even need or may be beneficial. Heaven, before you step out it is essential to get an idea on the kind of mattresses available in the market and their pros and cons.

Different types of mattresses

Take time to consider all the options available for you in the market when it comes to a mattress. After all, there are so many different kinds of mattresses in countless material configurations.  You need to understand them well so as to narrow down your choices and find the right fit for you.

  • The coil mattresses- Also known as the innerspring mattresses, these types have been there since the early 1900s. They carry those compressed steel coils that compress any weight on them. However, the shape, size, and number of coils can vary in different mattresses and the higher the number of coils, the more support.
  • Memory foam mattresses- Although the first memory foam was made available in the nineties, it is only recently that the technology has advanced to a higher level. The mattress made of the memory foam gives one the feeling as if one is sinking and the mattress takes the shape of the body contours. This is perfect for those people who look for extra softness and face painful conditions.
  • Latex mattresses- Another popular material used to make a mattress is Latex, which is sap from a rubber tree. There are both natural and synthetic latex and if one is looking for a natural bedding solution, one should consider the mattress made out of natural latex. A latex mattress offers more support and bounce and retains less heat.
  • Hybrid mattresses- One also comes across Hybrid mattresses that are gradually increasingly gaining popularity as they offer the best of both worlds. Here you can enjoy the softness of latex or memory foam as well as the comfort of a coil mattress. Typically, a layer of coiled springs is placed inside the latex or memory foam layers to create Hybrid mattresses.
  • Water mattresses- Also known as Waterbeds, these mattresses were first invented for patients with bedsores. When you lie on these beds, it is like you are floating on water. These mattresses give a very soothing feel and one can even adjust the beds based on their body type and weight.
  • Polyfoam mattresses- There are various kinds of foams in the market and polyfoam is one of them. Different bedding companies create their own blends of foam and thus one can always ask for a customized solution when shopping for a Polyfoam mattress. Polyfoam is petroleum-based and carries chemicals, but the material is harmless.
  • Organic mattresses- It is always a good idea to buy mattresses made of natural materials like cotton and latex or recycled steel support coils. These are the perfect choices for those who are conscious about the environment and want to keep away from any exposure to chemicals and toxins. They can shop for Organic mattresses and do their bit for the environment.

Now that you are aware of the many different types of mattresses and their various materials available in the market, you can go ahead and make well-informed choices. Pay attention to your needs, the budget and what you are looking for in a mattress.  You should never compromise with the quality, no matter what type of mattress you buy. With so many options available, there is something available for everyone!

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